How to Identify the Right Content to Share on Social Media

How to Identify the Right Content to Share on Social Media

Content curation has emerged as a powerful way of generating relevant information for achieving better engagement with your social media audience. It is different from content marketing because curation is the process of discovering content relevant to your audience and sharing it in an organised way through your social media platforms.

Role of content curation in social media management

Content Marketing

Content curation is a part of your overall marketing strategy. It is not a separate aspect of branding, but ties well into your comprehensive marketing plan.

  • Content curation can help you provide better information through context. You can shares snippets from a post and add your ideas to it. You can also share it and present your own extensive views on the subject to establish yourself as an expert on certain topics.
  • Content curation helps you feed your audience’s curiosity through great content. It makes social media management easy as the content you can share with your audience is ready for you in the way you want to present it.
  • Content curation helps you use videos, images and text for variation on a single topic and you can also use themes to organize your content and present it to your audience.
  • Content curation adds another dimension to your social media marketing plans. It helps you flesh out your content strategy and expand it further. Now even if you do not have original content to share, you can curate information that sits well with your audience and generate the same buzz you expect when you share original information with them. The idea is the same – to engage with your audience and strengthen your social media marketing plans.

Content curation sounds simple. After all it is only about finding content for your audience that might be meaningful to them and sharing it with them. However, how do you identify relevant content from a sea of content on the web and share the same in an organised way?

Here are some ways to identify the right content to share on your social media platforms.

First identify your content marketing needs

Content Marketing

Posting content just for the sake of feeding something to your audience means missing the point of content marketing completely. If you know your audience’s tastes well, your job is half done. Whatever content you share on social media, it should meet these criteria:

  1. It must be relevant to your business/brand in some way.
  2. It must be meaningful to your audience in some way.
  3. It must be from a trusted source.

Now use these pointers to find the content on the web that can lead to greater audience engagement for you. The idea is to be specific and not posting content on social media haphazardly. Just because a story is interesting/funny/hilarious doesn’t necessarily make it right for your social accounts. Content curation requires as much diligent as creating original content to share on social media to engage with your audience or drive your business.

Know what you share

Share Sharing Social Media Networking Online Download Concept

When you are looking for quality content to share on social media don’t just go by the title or snippets and share it. Take your time to read through or at least glance through the entire text to know the tone and information presented in it. Or else you could post a story that seems relevant to your audience because of the title, but its context or focus could be entirely different.

Use content curation tools to find quality content

Content curation tools can make life easy for you by discovering and collecting the right content for you. Research the right content curation tool/s for you and use them to find the suitable content to share with your audience. Office Desk with Tools and Notes About Digital MarketingThese days many curation tools help find popular content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through them you can find great content on the same platform. However, just as it is important to post the right content, it is equally important to use the right tools to curate your content. Some common tools to find content with minimum amount of time are Google News, Facebook Trends and RSS. However, now many new content curation tools are available through which you can further simplify the task of content curation and gather more information about the stories you want to share.

Content Explorer by Ahrefs can help you find top-shared content related to any topic. It lists the news from top-ranked to low-ranked based on your keywords, mentions its source, and tells you the number of times it has been shared on popular social media platforms. Further, you can sort the list by date, also specify languages and include/exclude certain domain names. Using this tool is easy and you can identify popular topics based on your keywords or phrases and share the ones you find relevant on your social media accounts.

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