How SaaS Companies can use Google Plus to Boost Sales

How SaaS Companies can use Google Plus to Boost Sales

A SaaS company’s success lies in the quality of its customer service. In the wake of increasing competition, all the companies are pushing their peddle harder to catch a bigger piece of the pie in a tight market situation. A conventional customer service on phone has proven to be a necessary infrastructure for any SaaS company, but very few of them utilize the power of Social Media marketing to boost their sales in the first place.

Let us first take a look at how Google Plus can be the right social platform for a SaaS company.

Integration of sales and service

It is like hitting two birds with a single stone. As a social networking platform, Google Plus has built a fairly large user base resulting in the generation of millions of posts every single day, thereby making it one of the top social networking sites.

Moreover, it has the right interface and functionalities to increase user engagement by allowing lengthy, uninterrupted conversations and exchange of information. A business profile must simply aim to convert the high level of engagement into potential leads.

Increased visibility allows the users to understand the company’s true objectives and its willingness to provide quality service. Case studies can be posted and queries can be answered much to the delight of the customers who will want to come back for more.

Cross platform

Google Plus is one of the several services offered by the Internet Giant – Google. Associated services such as Google Drive, Google Maps and so on make for the brisk exchange of information. Many of the SEO goals can be reached by imparting the search key terms right into the Google Plus business profile, which surely lead to better search listings. The Authorship feature can be used to tie up the content and its creator.

SaaS companies must give their YouTube marketing a little more prominence, since video demonstrations and reviews of a product will easily increase customer satisfaction. The cross-platform feature of all Google’s services provides an ease of access to the excess.

Carousel results

It is evident that the latest Carousel form of results has had a reputation of increasing leads and user engagement simply because of their visual appeal. The more visible is the name of the company, the more is the chance of it being discovered by the customers. Google considers data from the performance of the Google Plus page and even the information available in Google reviews, boosting the user’s online visibility.

Information on publisher

When people make a Google search for a business, the search engine tries to draw some information from the Google Plus business page, if available. It provides a detailed ‘Knowledge graph’, which consists of a picture of the business logo, the map for the location, reviews, phone numbers and websites. This is the information that customers of SaaS will always be looking for.

Social proofing

Buyers are getting smarter with the vast amount of information circulating them. Non availability of information on the other hand, can prove to be a loss of any kind of credibility on part of the SaaS company, which is why efforts have to be taken to provide sufficient information.

In cases of information which happens to have a negative impact on the company, care must be taken to thoroughly address it and turn it into something positive. After a pleasant experience, a customer is bound to share it with the world, which in the digital age is just a click away. One just needs to make sure that these aspects are highlighted.

Tips for Google Plus Marketing

  • Posts on Google Plus can be of any length, which makes it easier for the SaaS companies to post information about their new line of products, services and case studies of their customer service to boost the buyer’s interest.
  • A SaaS company owner or anybody who manages the business page must first build interpersonal relationships on his/her own Google Plus profiles since it could also help boost the views of the business profile later.
  • Make smart use of hashtags only for relevant terms. Overuse of hashtags brings a bad taste to the posts and decrements the value even if powerful words are used.
  • The cover pictures must be adapted to the responsive design so that all the messages conveyed and the themes implied are seen by the viewer regardless of the device they use.
  • Google Plus allows unlimited use of GIF images, which in some cases can be effective replacements to plain images.
  • Customers must be encouraged to post their reviews. It is important for any SaaS company to do so.
  • Put the links to your G plus profiles on the main websites. Also, paste the links to your main website on your G plus profiles.

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