SEO strategies and some case studies

Case Study: Removing Forum Signature Backlinks Led To Increase In Search Traffic
Ever wondered that removing forum signature backlinks could increase your search traffic? Jérôme Verstrynge claims, that is exactly what happened to his website. Read on to find out why you should watch your backlinks closely and learn more about Google’s policies on forum profile backlinks.

How To Get More Search Traffic With Long Tail Keywords
According to Jake Cain, targeting the right “long tail keywords” with your content can make all the difference when it comes to the amount of traffic you get from the search engines. Discover how Ahrefs comes in handy on the way!

SEO Research and Trends

How Search Engines Process Links
Curious to find out how search engines crawl, analyze, index, and rank pages? Here Jenny Halasz provides her basic interpretation to help you understand how pages are accessed by search engines and the difference between robots.txt, noindex, and not found, especially as they relate to links.

Google Panda & Penguin Lack Real-Time Updates, Despite Google’s Past Statements
How Panda & Penguin anti-spam fighting filters work is the mystery of all mysteries, especially with all the contradictory statements Google gives. In this post Danny Sullivan conveys the latest news from Google: both Panda and Penguin are not pushing updates in real-time.

25 Tips From SEO Professionals
Stay on top of the latest industry news and take the advice of some of proven SEO professionals! How? John Rampton suggests checking out this post providing you with 25 useful tips from acknowledged SEO professionals. Enjoy!

3 Unignorable Components Of A Sustainable Web Presence
What are the three primary components of building a sustainable web presence? According to Stoney deGeyter, those are: website architecture, keyword optimization, and social media marketing. Don’t ignore them for sustainable long-term business success!

Content Marketing & Blogging

15 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Blog Posts (Other Than Facebook And Twitter)
Hard times finding places to share your blog posts? It’s so easy, given the enormous size of the internet and a tremendous number of opportunities available there! In this post Sujan Patel offers for your consideration 15 additional places you should be sharing your blog posts.

How to Adapt Your Content Strategy in Time for Mobilegeddon
Are you mad about mobile like all the rest these days? How about mobilizing your content? The author of this article shares some valuable content considerations when getting ready for mobilegeddon on April 21st. Take note before it’s too late!

Content Inspiration: One tool, 1000s of sparks!
Looking for ways to inspire your content creation? In this post Daniel Bianchini will show you how to use Ahrefs Content Explorer to provide you with 1000s of URLs and improve your strategy by either providing new ideas, improving content, or combining to provide a more valuable resource.

Repeat or Rewrite? How to Make the Most of a Great Blog Post
Should you start a new blog post or is there still anything you can do to tweak your existing blog post and make the most of it? Jean Dion suggests a quick check of blog success and some valuable tips for both cases.

Content Inspiration From Competitors
Looking for a simple and effective way to find out which content is driving the most links and social signals for your competitors? Dave Davies has a nice suggestion: use Ahrefs Site Explorer and Content Explorer to analyze competitors!

Link Building

Real Marketing In SEO: Building Links For Your Audience
Do you agree with Andrew Dennis saying that every single link you build should be intended for your audience? From this post you will learn about several benefits to approaching link acquisition with an audience-first mindset.

Social Media

5 Ways to Engage with Your Community
Want to successfully build a strong online community? Liv Longley knows what you should do: find your fans on social media & build a community around them, have a friendly environment, have some fun, have your community members participate, thank them.

Hard Numbers for the Activity on Google Plus
Wondering what is truly going on within the G+ stream? Eric Enge did a hardcore analysis of 516,246 randomly selected Google+ profiles to figure it out and shares his findings with you in this post. Enjoy!

How to Promote Your Pins
“Is Pinterest a part of your marketing strategy?” Rebecca Stickler claims, it should be, and shares in this post lots of valuable tips on how you can make the most of Pinterest’s option to promote Pins.

How To Grow Your Personal Brand On Twitter In Only 10 Minutes A Day
Want to increase your brand’s value on Twitter, but have neither time or money to hire a social media manager? Neil Patel shares some practical tips to help you grow your own personal brand on Twitter easy and fast.

Local SEO

An Idiot-Proof Guide To Local SEO
What’s next for your local SEO after Google’s Pigeon? Ali Moghadam investigates and covers in this article the ins and outs, providing you with some fool-proof plans to implement.

Your Google My Business Profile Image – The Most Important Image?
According to Mike Blumenthal, your Google My Business profile image is obviously the most important image of your business that gets seen by potential customers and searchers. Discover some guidelines to ensure that it performs well.

Mobile SEO

3 Ways to Force Google to Reindex Pages for Mobile-Friendly Tags
April 21st is approaching fast. Eager to get your pages recrawled to get the mobile-friendly designation? Google’s John Mueller claims, there is something you can do. Discover 3 ways to force Googlebot to reindex. And hat tip to Jennifer Slegg for pointing to these useful tips.

Why Is My Mobile-Friendly Label Missing in Google Search Results?
Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test declares that your site is mobile-friendly, but still the label doesn’t show up in Google mobile search results? Maryann Robbins explains when and why mobile-friendly annotation can be missing.

Email Marketing

How to Get People to Open Your Email: Increasing Outreach Response Rates
Get more people to open your emails and increase the number of positive replies to your campaigns! Kristi Hines describes in this post some effective ways to achieve this goal.

Click Here Or Else: The Evolution of Chain Emails
Just so you know, chain emails can help you identify brand influencers. Jason Warnock explains in this post how the concept of “share with your friends” looks like today and how marketers can leverage it to identify influencers.

SEM / Paid Search

6 Sins You’re Committing on Bing Ads
Be sure you are getting the most out of your paid search dollars and do not commit these sins that are consistently committed by advertisers on the Bing Ads platform, as pointed out by John Gagnon.

3 Practical Tips You Can Take Away from AdWords Search Funnels
Want to improve performance of your AdWords campaigns? Keegan Brown suggests taking away these 3 actionable tips from AdWords “Search Funnels”: find value in your keywords and ad groups, structure your remarketing campaign, optimize the paths in the search funnel.

Search in the News

Russian Search Engine, Yandex To Bring Back Links To Their Ranking Algorithm
Barry Schwartz reports that after dropping links as a positive and negative ranking factor last year, Yandex announced they would bring them back into their ranking algorithm.

Bing Adds Mobile-Friendly Label To Their Mobile Search Results
If you haven’t noticed, Barry Schwartz informs you in this post that Bing has quietly added a “mobile friendly” label in their mobile search results. Read on to find out more.


How to be a Tumblr Titan [Infographic]
Become a Tumblr titan and make the most of this blogging platform for your business. This infographic shared by Amy Williams will show you how.

Infographic: Rate Your Website. Use This Checklist to Find Out How Successful Your Website is!
“Do you know how successful your business website really is?” This infographic from Add People will help you rate your website and find it out.

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