Handbags- A lady’s best companion!

Even if you have a whole cupboard filled with handbags and you see another wonderful piece, you can’t stop yourself from buying it! Women have a natural predilection for handbags. It is indeed one of the most distinctive & artistic fashion accessories for women. Right from the cotton hand stitched small pieces to the ones crafted with absolute finesse, women handbags have evolved by leaps and bounds over centuries.  It’s not only just a ‘bag’ for a girl- it is her best companion ever once she steps out of the house! It gives room to our whole array of make-up essentials, accessories, shades 7 glasses, comb & clips, a bottle of water and something healthy to munch on other than the usual diaries & documents. Surviving without this combo of perfect utility & style is just unimaginable for most women.


It is fascinating to see the transition from the small pouches one used to carry as a kiddo to the slender teenage purse and finally to a ladies handbag. So initially it was only food & water which occupied our pouches or whatever mommy filled it with adding her love & care for us, then came the era of carrying clips, bracelets & lip balms as teenagers and ultimately we all transformed to living like a lady- we can’t do without the kohl, lipstick & our fav perfume. The most important change which among all others is that we started earning our own money. That feeling of freedom & independence is indescribable. Nostalgia always sets in remembering the time when one earned their very first salary and carried the handbag with that wallet.

Creative masterminds world over have experimented crazily and come up with an alluring collection of ladies handbags.   Striking bright clutches with jazzy embellishments, block-printed tote bags, ethnic jholas and traditional potlis have become important members of our family of handbags. Having a matching or complementing handbag with our daily outfit has become a fashion necessity today! In the latest handbags collection, much in the trend is the cotton & jute tote bags. Eco-friendly materials are being used beautifully to carve out an amazing collection of handbags. Jute bags with colourful prints & slogans are much in vogue with the college goers while the women corporate honchos still prefer bespoke, sturdy & classy leather bags. A glitzy clutch completes party attire and makes you look stunning!

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