Reviewing the online education system in India

India has the world’s largest population of youth and we are set to become the country with the youngest people in-terms of Age in the coming years, the main area to focus at present is India’s education sector. In spite of growth in this sector, the youth in India still face many hurdles if they plan to take up higher education. Geographical limitations, limited number of seats, expensive fee charged by colleges and universities and lack of job opportunities are the major reasons behind this. After a lot of research and work done on this, it was figured out that one idea that could bring a change in this situation is distance learning. Also Known among some as online education, online learning, open learning, etc. this looks like a promising solution that can help the youth get the kind of education they Need.

Although initially a very small percentage of students chose this option, now with all the benefits associated, the percentage is growing. Considering the benefits of courses like online MBA, many reputed colleges and universities have introduced online programs for students so that no matter what the reason may be, they do not give up on their education. Although the students study on a virtual platform, now this mode of education is made far more interactive and beneficial to students than what it used to be earlier. There are various mediums that are channelized for this purpose of communication between the students and teachers to make the learning more effective.

There are many advantages of online education that people should be aware of specifically in context to the courses offered. Although it is still an evolving field, there are millions of Indian students that choose this mode of education now. Be it the responsibilities at home or pressure at office, nothing can stop someone from studying in this way. With the availability of innumerable courses and programs, one gets to choose whatever they prefer without having to even step out of their homes. Right from top notch international colleges to reputed universities, many of them are offering online courses and reaching out to students,thus offering them quality Education and better Job opportunities.

However there is still a bridge that may be invisible but still existent between the traditional classroom learning and distance education that has to be dealt with. The lack of information about online courses and the quality of education offered online are now being improved and thus a trust is being built amongst the students in context to their authenticity and value. With more preaching of these educational programs, it is believed that with time this gap would be abridged and online education would not be seen as a mere alternative to traditional education system in India but stand in parallel to it and become an option accessible to everyone.

To Consult or not – Career Counselling

There are many factors that affect a student’s career development which include their interests, abilities, values, personalities and background. Career counselling will help them to understand themselvesin order to make a right career and academic decisions.

The objective of career counselling is to not only help students make the right decisions, but also to give them the information and skills they need to make future career decisions.Career counselling is beneficial for students, and there are many reasons to show that it is important:

  • Career counselling helps a student realize his true aptitude. While at a high school level, most students perform consistentlythroughall subjects. Aptitude tests, conducted by professional career counsellors, bring out visibly the strong intellectual areas of a particular student. This allows the student to make an informed decision when choosing future studies and making correct career choices.
  • After taking the counselling sessions (in the form of discussions and online tests) students will see where theyhad been till then, where they are today and what they would want to do in the future. If a student is struggling between two career choices, this will make it possible for him to see a third option which probably could prove to be a better choice.


  • Often, students are too young to have developed perfectawareness of what they would want to study by the time they are due to make seriouscareer choices. Seeking career counselling and taking online testsbuildsprecision of thought in a student, helps to identify his interests, pick the correct subjects, and finally, make the choice of the right career.
  • It is also possible that a student has already decided on a particular career, but is not sure of how to make himself suitable for it academically. Seeking counselling helps him to put things in correctperspective. Owing to the chosen stream of education, student gets to more likely land on the right career track that is suitable for him.

So, career counselling can be appropriate for students at all stages of their career. If they aren’t sure why they are stuck at a point in choosing a career, career counselling will quickly help them figure out the reasons for the same.For working professionalshaving problems with their boss or colleagues, career counselling can show simple techniques to fix these issues.Once the problem is figured out, a step by step plan is laid to get the issue resolved. If you are a student and confused at choosing one of the many courses you are interested, these assessments and counselling sessions help you narrow down your choices. If it’s a new job that you are looking for, counselling will enlighten what works when it comes to finding a new job and what does not work. Seeking help in the form of career counselling and assessment tests while taking tough career decisions is almost fool proof and safe to follow.


If an individual studies a course without the ability to match or interest to pursue or has no personality to suit the job profile, their success in life/career goes down considerably. Career counselling aims at providing right guidance at the right stage for the right questions. The tools are the new age centric tools, like online career assessment tests which have proven themselves to be worth taking. So, it is highly recommended that a student should take help of a professional career counsellor and take the online assessment tests conducted to make wise career choices.

Sadly, career counselling is often overlooked by students, institutions and parents alike. They are often confused if these counselling sessions work or a waste of time and money. This is a mistake that can prove costly for a student’s career, because right guidance and counselling only leads to well-informed, correct career decisions. If one is confused as to whether to take career counselling or not, one has to ask oneself this question – Do you know what exactly you want to do in your life and how to get there? If yes, then do it yourself. If you are unsure of your own interests, abilities and skills and have little or no idea of how to get there, it is undoubtedly important to seek assistance in the form of counselling and assessment tests. It is a proven fact that many high school students and working professionals benefited from personalized career counsellingat various phases of their academic progress. The assessment tests include several excellent questionnaires that guide students toward career fields based on their personalities, interests, and skills.

However, it is important to know that the main feature of career counselling is to simply help the students look at the various career options resulting out of their interests and skills and the essential requirements to deal with them. They cannot foresee his exact career graph or calculate his exact salary he would be drawing 5 years from now.However, the benefits overweigh the losses and lack of correct guidance for a student would waste his talent and intellect. The earlier the students start making intentional decisions about their future, the better prepared they will be at making right choices.



About the Author :

Lakshmi Kompella is a Post Graduate in Computer Applications, with diverse and varied experience in IT consulting Organizations, Media Houses, Start-up organizations. “Albert Einstein’s ‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school” is her mantra and she pursues knowledge relentlessly.


Spraying Information On A Surface

If you work in an environment where you need to mark items on a regular basis, then consider using a handheld inkjet printer. Most printers of this nature will print a small piece of paper after the item is scanned. You can enter all of the necessary information that you need to include on the slip that needs to be printer. This can help save time when packaging products that need to be shipped to customers or that need to be shipped to stores from a warehouse.

Another type of handheld printer is one that sprays a message across a surface. This can drastically reduce time while ensuring that each component of the message is correct before it’s applied to the surface. All you have to do is hold the printer in your hand, type in what you need displayed on the box, and point the printer at the surface before clicking a button. The message is sprayed with ink onto the box.

One of the advantages is that the printer can be used on surfaces aside from cardboard. You can use it on concrete to mark lines that you might need to dig or where you might need to place a painted line on the road. It’s also a benefit for officers who need to mark areas where a car accident has taken place. It prints on surfaces that might not be flexible as well as those that don’t absorb ink as easily as others.

The printer is easy to handle, and as long as you have a somewhat steady hand, then you’ll see a straight message displayed. You can print messages either left to right or right to left. You can also print information in an up and down fashion. Any direction that you can move the printer is the direction in which the information will be sprayed with ink. You can spray up to four lines at a time, and printouts that you need can be any length as long as there’s ink left in the printer. The touchscreen makes it easy to tap the letters and numbers needed, or you can sync the printer to a smartphone to send messages.

Earn Better By Finding The Best Delivery Boy Job In Mumbai

We know now a day everything is just one click away. Our work has been reduced to half with the help of the invention of a smart phone and Internet. Whatever we think of having, eating and wearing or even reading everything has become online. If you want to have something like food you can easily order it online or if you like some dress you can order it online. Or if you want to surprise someone with gifts send them online if you yourself cannot visit. So it has made been very easy to share love and happiness. But what is more important that the delivery of such things be done on time and in a right process. Such things can only be possible with the help of a delivery person. Delivery boy jobs in Mumbai brings up various vacancies for such work. People order and wait but it is the duty of a delivery boy to make it on time. Therefore such jobs go hand in hand. The jobs can be done only by active people and the one h who knows the routes well of the city as the lack of information will be a threat of not delivering the product on time. Delivery jobs in Mumbai can be done by anyone even a college student who is working part time to earn and save money and other personal who is in search of job. It is a good job for those who like to travel and roam or ride. Things and jobs are fun when it is done dedicated to the work.


There are many jobs so why to choose only Delivery boy jobs in Mumbai?

Well this is a nice question but just like if a teacher can teach you English he or she might not be good in teaching math too. So delivery jobs are certainly for those who willingly opt for it. No matter if you are not good in any other specific thing one can definitely be good in delivering things. What is important to keep in mind is the track of time. Delivery jobs become tough when you lose the track of time and this might happen sometimes if the delivery vehicle stops working in the middle of the time, or you forgot the route or any other purpose like running short of fuel. So as every job requires awareness this job also requires the same.

Many students use this job as the best way to save money and earn income. Not everyone can be a delivery boy. Once you get trained with the schedule and the pattern people start to have hikes and they earn more money.

So stop surfing and thinking much about how to save an extra sum of money. If you are skillful and are dedicated to time then delivering things is the best option sometimes you just not deliver things but bring happiness to many faces. Also the job does not require skilled qualifications in education but a legal driving license. So start delivering happiness and earn money.