Samsung Galaxy S7: Redefining What A Phone Can Do!

Samsung has officially made the announcement for Samsung Galaxy S7 which is soon to launch in India. Here’s all you need to know about the smartphone packed with incredible features:

Display and design

Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 5.1 inch HD AMOLED display with a high pixel density of 577 ppi. The dual-curve backs ensure that you are able to hold the phone comfortably and possess a strong grip over them. The phone is only 7.9mm thick. Also, the phone is resistant to water and dust as it has IP (Ingress protection) rating of 68. Now you can attend calls even in rain without worrying about spoiling your phone.


Mobile photography is all the rage these days. When new smartphones are launched today, camera quality and specifications are things which a person wants to know about first. No doubt, brands are focusing their efforts on providing a phone that is equipped with great camera quality and features. Same is the case with Samsung Galaxy S7. The handset has a rear camera of 12 mega pixels which has a dual pixel technology with f/1.7 aperture. The front camera has 5 mega pixels with f/1.7 aperture. The dual pixel sensor will enhance the images capture by you in low light conditions.Thanks to the amazing motion panorama feature, you can take sweeping movements in panoramas with motion. The images will come out clear and crisp.You can also capture motion photos with it. Do not miss out on Shopclues coupons to purchase this phone at the best bargained deals.


Smartphone processing speed is of utmost importance for most people today. The definition of smartphones isn’t limited to just calling, chatting or gaming in today’s era. Numerous tasks are being done via it which makes multi-tasking the need of hours today. In this fast paced era, no one likes to wait; even when it comes to smartphones. You can count on Samsung Galaxy S7 to not disappoint you in this department too. Samsung Galaxy S7 is powered by Snapdragon Qualcomm processor 820 which is a top class chipset. It is loaded with amazing features to enhance your connectivity as well as camera experience. The addition of 4GB RAM in the phone makes for a powerful combination. Be it switching on and off between various apps or indulging in heavy gaming, you will experience a buttery smooth performance here.


Samsung Galaxy S7 is like a dream come true for gaming enthusiasts. Most gaming enthusiasts are well aware of the factthat playing heavy games even on the most advanced smartphones is nothing less of a challenge. Experiencing a screen which freezes is a matter of just few minutes. Either the battery gets drained or the phone gets heated up. But this won’t be the case with Samsung Galaxy S7. Since it is backed up by high quality internal specs, you will be able to enjoy a smooth gaming journey on it. Indulge in ebay coupons present on CashKaroto make this phone yours with cashback offers when it arrives.


Even the high end phones launched today are not equipped with long lasting batteries to provide enough juice even for a day. However Samsung Galaxy S7 carries a 3000mAh battery so that you can take full advantage of your phone without worrying about holding a dead battery phone at the end of the day. It also has the feature of wireless charging so that you can charge the phone conveniently anytime and anywhere.

Apart from these features, the phone has an internal storage of 32 GB which can be expanded using a microSD card.

Top Tips For Speeding Up Your Internet Connection

While many people complain that their broadband provider is the source of their slow connection, this is not always the case. There are many steps that you can take to speed up your home internet before making a complaint to your supplier, so try these simple suggestions first.

Speed Checking

Before you try to fix any problems with your broadband speed, first you should run a speed checker to see exactly how fast or slow your connection is. This is a simple task and can easily be carried out through any number of online speed checking websites. Your broadband provider will probably even provide one on their own website. Once you know your speed, you can note it down and then check it again once you have tried the other ideas in this article to see if there is any difference.

Ensure Your Wi-Fi Is Password Protected

One of the reasons some people experience slow broadband speeds is that other users are logging onto their network, using their broadband without permission because it is not secured, and causing the speed to drop substantially. If you are using a router provided by your supplier, you probably already have password protection in place, but if you are using a router that you have purchased you may not have a secure network. Open your router settings and immediately set up a password that is complex enough to not easily be guessed. This will keep your connection safe and secure.

Change Router Position

Often, people don’t realise that location is important when it comes to router positioning. Try placing your router on a high shelf and away from gadgets that may cause interference with the signal, like baby monitors. Putting your router in a centralised location will improve signal throughout the house.

Give Your Computer a Spring Clean

Many computer applications slow your broadband down, so shut down any programmes that you aren’t using, especially streaming services like iPlayer. Delete all your old files and browser history to maximise your speed.

Boost Your Signal

If your broadband is slow or signal is poor only in some areas of your home, you could try using a wireless powerline adapter. These plug into the wall in the affected room and boost the wireless signal in that space.

Get Fibre Optic Broadband

Some homes are a long way from the exchange and therefore cannot improve speed by taking any of the above steps. One option is to invest in a Hyperoptic fibre internet package while will greatly increase the speed of your connection, making it easier to enjoy activities such as streaming music and movies.

Once you have taken the above steps to improve your speed, you should run a speed checker again and see if there have been any improvements. If not, it may be time to look for a different supplier.

Useful tips to help you pick the best offers

 Gone are the days when you had to visit a brick and mortar store for every purchase you made paying in cash every single time. The times are different today, and changing times always result in changing practices. Two such changes that have come in the world of shopping are online transactions and cashless payments. Both have been accepted by the world with open arms.

Today the world is buying and selling everything online with a single click of a button and though today it seems impossible to live without these options, not so long ago these practices were merely imaginations. As online shopping has taken the central stage in our lives, many online markets have emerged such as Amazon and PayTM.

None of us would have thought two decades back that the entire world would be buying and selling over the internet merely by looking at the pictures, but this has become a reality thanks to the various offers these online markets offer to their customers. For example, PayTM offers discounts of various kinds which include cashback offers for consumers on various products throughout the year.


These offers and discounted prices have been the key in winning the consumers for these online markets. But as more and more people have started shopping online and availing discounts, it becomes important for us to understand which type of offer suits us the best and which deals we should ignore for our benefit. Here are some insights:

  • Flat Discounts: Flat discounts have always served as magnets for businessmen which they use to attract customers towards them. These flat discounts still hold value today as you are asked to pay lower than the market price for anything you buy which is a great temptation.
  • Reward Points: Whenever you swipe your credit card on a merchandise store to process a transaction, you are awarded points. These are great because you can accumulate them and shop by using them alone when you have enough points.
  • Cash Back: Cash back is the third kind of offer that the online markets, as well as, brick and mortar merchandizes offer to their customers. In cash back offer, you buy a product at the listed price but within days, some of the money is returned to your account. Thus, the overall cost of the transaction is reduced.

The only problem with reward points is that they cannot be used on all merchandizes and thus, their application is not universal. When you take a cash-back offer, a portion of the transaction amount is returned to your bank account within days. You might argue that flat discounts and cash back offers are more or less the same as you pay less money for the bought product.

While it may be true, many expert shoppers love cash back offers because if you head to a market and buy something at a discounted price, the saved money is always spent in buying something else, while in cash back money returns to your account sometime later and thus it stays in your account for longer.

Rah-Rah-Rah: Sports Fans’ Pros and Cons

In today’s modern sports world, it almost seems like there are two sports going on at every game – be it hockey, baseball, basketball, football or soccer. The first sport takes place on the field of battle – or on an ice rink, if that’s your game. But the second sport takes place in the stadium’s seating. That’s where the sports fans play a hard-nosed game of rip-snorting loyalty for their team.

It’s not a sport to be a sport’s fan, but it might well be. The competition includes yelling and screaming, inventing cheers, chastising referees, high fives and the stadium wide “wave.” It includes barbecues in the parking lot and face and body painting.

When is too much, too much? Certainly, there’s much fear individually and socially for the raving sports fan ready to riot in the streets after a major championship is won or lost or throw stones at fans of opposing teams. One of my friends, some years ago, watched Buffalo Bills games at home religiously and before every play he would get into a three-point stance in front of his television set. It’s a wonder he didn’t tackle a couch or a Barcalounger once in a while.


And what happens when the home team fails to produce a winner year after year – or when the home team wins consecutive championships? The famous “Curse of the Bambino” kept the Boston Red Sox out of the winners circle for 86 consecutive years from 1918 to 2004. In that same period, the New York Yankees won 25 World Championships of Baseball.

There are, in fact, repercussions to all this. One study done in 1998 found that testosterone levels among male fans rose 20 percent after a fan’s teams won a game and dropped 20 percent when the team lost. Furthermore, when the home team wins, area residents are uplifted, more confident and feel sexier. When they lose, depression can set in. That doesn’t bode well for romance, but I imagine Boston didn’t suffer too much from population depletion during their 86-year championship drought.

There are so many ways to keep fans tuned into games these days that any benefits or negative repercussions derived from being a fan are immediate and pervasive. Fans from the beginning of time until the 1950s had no television sets, so when their teams lost, they would not have information on any other teams until the newspaper was printed the next day. Now a fan can tune into hundreds of teams in dozens of sports – simultaneously, for all of that.

From satellite dishes to computer broadcasts to the NFL on DIRECTV, fans can enjoy a never-ending deluge of sporting events. This means fans – happy ones and crazed ones – can pick a dozen teams to root for. This can balance out some of the despair a fan can suffer when their one and only team loses, because a second choice team might be doing well on the same day. Like a stock market portfolio, it is safer if you diversify.

Sports fans derive more from their loyalties. Win, lose or draw, fans feel part of a larger community. Sports fans, for all their chauvinistic tendencies, can be very welcoming to others who share their allegiance. You might be an odd duck socially – awkward or shy – but if you root for the same team, fans will take you in. You become part of the tribe.

This can have positive and negative aspects. If you are part of a tribe and several group members go on a rampage after a game, you might feel obliged to follow suit. You might think, “Hey, everybody else was throwing stones at the other guys … so I did, too.”

On the other hand, a bit of letting loose can be good for a soul. Surrounded by thousands of like-mined fans at a football game allows a few of the true-blue fans to scream, yell, and go a little overboard with face paint or body paint and other antics that an individual would likely never do on their own.