Brain pills – A Knowhow

For many years scientists believed a person’s limited levels are due to capacity of brain obtained since birth. Thanks to new generation scientists proved all myth to truth. Hence, they proved optimizing brain power and cognitive function is possible. With regular use of daily heath supplements like vitamins and nootropics helps with memory enhancement, focus and brainpower. But these brain boosters are difficult to choose, as many companies started manufacturing brain boosters commercially.

These brain pills are often taken when a person is stressed with work, life or tensions leaving individual unable to focus on daily chores. Every manufacturing company quotes that their product is best and contains ingredients with guaranteed work and makes purchase worth. Most excellent way to choose these brain pills is online platform, to ensure you get right product and right budget. Along with this buyer comes to know about other people’s reviews and benefits of the product.


Many people start their search online to know about safety of brain enhancement pills, person likely to get hundreds of related pages which helps on visiting website and knowing of different available products. Finalizing products may take enough time as searching genuine website is difficult. Due to this, you need to make sure by performing adequate research on desired product. There are some websites which provides the person with helpful information regarding all top nootropics which are available at present. Such sites also helps person to about each ingredient in detail, including vitamins and natural supplements along with much more information regarding manufacturer. Along with this, you can read the product reviews, product comments on different memory enhancer pills and their cost.

There is a certain online websites which provide information in detail regarding brain enhancers, nootropic supplements and smart pills – Real-Life Brain Pills that will Make you LIMITLESS. The website allows person to know about list of ingredients being used and all information regarding manufacturer.

Literally there are innumerable brain supplements in which few suit individual’s brain health. Choosing the right supplement provides better results. Here are list of effective and safe brain supplements:

  1. Docosahexaenoic acid– this is short termed as DHA which is an omega 3 essential fatty acid, not produced naturally so taken in the form of diet. DHA is major part of brain which is responsible for memory, attention, language and emotion. It also enhances brain cell communication. Person with low DHA linked to depression, anger and some serious psychiatric disorders. DHA supplementation improves and cures memory loss, mood swings, attention disorder etc on regular intake. Since many people are deficient with omega 3 fatty acids, DHA supplementation could benefit if consumed on daily basis.
  2. Citicoline– this is a naturally occurring compound found in almost all cells of body. Citicoline helps increase blood flow to the brain and build healthy brain cells which reduce inflammation and radical damage which are the main causes of brain aging. It also increases the level of dopamine and acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is one of the chemical in brain which helps with memory and learning and dopamine provides motivation, productivity and pleasure.

Managing Your Content through Content Services

Almost every company has to deal with some type of content when it comes to day-to-day business. Whether the company deals with simple content such as text, graphics, scripts, media files, or documents to much more complex ones such as software, portals, e-stores, live streaming, or some type of social network, it needs a network to manage all of those content as efficiently as possible.

You might think a simple manual content system involving in-house computer networking could get the job done, but the larger and more complex your content system is, the harder it is to keep track and run especially with simple methods. Establishing your own content systems through the growing number of content services available in the market could establish a strong foothold that could last your company’s lifetime. Through these content services, you will be able to ensure that you wouldn’t ever encounter a hiccup in delivering your content, something that could cause a big problem in the future.

If you haven’t heard of content services, you are at a high risk of letting your company grow stagnant. A content service, such as content distribution networks, are services which helps widen your company by enabling you to deliver content through a proxy server through the use of multiple data centers. By using services such as this, you would be able to centralize your content distribution throughout your whole company, while also helping boost the speed and reliability of the network.

A content service could give you company multiple competitive edge, including but not limited to:

Faster Content Delivery

Instead of using just one server to distribute your content, content services could provide you with multiple data centers depending on the location of which data are to be delivered. With a traditional company server, multiple clients have to compete with a limited bandwidth resulting to unreliable network. This could also lower employee productivity. Through a content distribution network provided by content services companies, the data load is distributed to multiple servers thus speeding the process of delivery. You would also increase employee productivity and reduce the cost of distributing content throughout your company network.

Integrated and Uniform Network

Through content services, all of your company information will be synced across your clients. This removes the trouble of manually downloading the information in each location, and at the same time ensures that each client gets the latest content at any given time. You are also assured that your content is safe and secure as most content service providers have some type of security functions which helps you keep all confidential files and documents from hackers.

Cheaper Cost

Since most content service providers offer a complete package of a content distribution system, including servers and internet providers, you could actually save money on your content system. You are also saved from the trouble of picking the right provider for each component since content service providers do it for you. Your company also doesn’t need to hire specialized technicians, which could be quite expensive, because most of the troubleshooting and repair would be done by the content service provider.

Through content services, you are assured to distribute the latest content to all your clients, whether it is a branch overseas, employees abroad, or your customers. Through this, you gain a competitive advantage that could help your company in the long run.

How Does SMS API Work And What Are Its Benefits

We are living in the cyber age and are constantly getting introduced to newer technologies. There is no doubt that technology is changing the way we live, survive and behave. Technology is also changing the way of selling products and services. The changing outlooks of the clients and the cut throat competition in every industry has made marketing products and services essential and important.

When it comes to marketing, SMS marketing is an important and successful technique. It not only helps  reach out to your clients when you want to sell something, but also lets you keep them pleased with your services by offering them regular notifications and alerts. Moreover, today sending bulk SMS has become extremely easy and hassle free, thanks to smart messaging service and the SMS API.

What is possible with SMS API?

SMS API is the programming software that lets you build your own personalized SMS sending and receiving channel. A smart messaging service can give your business a complete API system. You can get SMS API for PHP, Java or HTTP. You can choose how you like to send and receive bulk messages. Usually SMS APIs let you:

  • Send SMS in a number of formats
  • Receive text messages
  • Allow recipient response without any need of password
  • Get real-time status reports for all texts

How does API work?

With SMS API you can send bulk SMS in a variety of formats and on a range of networks. To get started, your smart message service provider will help you learn how your present platforms can be integrated using SMS API. Also, they present you with the technical documentation that explains steps in detail to link your present system into a functional SMS API.

Simultaneously, your service provider will activate your bulk SMS account with a number of credits so you can do the testing and ensure everything is working the way you want. SMS API protocols can make a significant difference how your company interacts with your clients as well as staff.

The benefits of SMS API

Using an SMS API can make your bulk SMS services available across all of the technological networks and platforms that your business uses, joining these numerous systems into one functional control center.

Transfer and delivery speeds are also very fast and you can send hundreds of text messages in a second. SMS gateway also guarantees complete security of data.

APIs for bulk SMS gateway are efficient and flexible. Your developers can easily incorporate the features of the gateway into your own systems.

SMS gateway also ensures speed and reliability. You can send text message right from your computer in seconds; this lets you meet the expectations of your clients by allowing you to reply to their message really fast.

So, find a smart messaging service provider who provides SMS gateway API to make sending and receiving messages or SMS marketing campaign more effective and successful.

Why is it Advisable to Choose a Debt Relief Company?

For those who wish to get reduction on the credit card or provisional card debt, it is a smart choice to choose a reliable debt relief company. In today’s time, credit cards have become a reliable idea to purchase the living essentials. The credit card industry has boosted since its launch and so have its users. People get several credit cards to their name and eventually find themselves struggling to repay the owed amount, while some are unable to pay the minimum monthly balance too.

Consequently, the personal debt multiplies fast to scary aggregates specifically, if the monthly installments are skipped at times. Thus, at this time, the selection of reliable debt relief company comes up. A debt relief company is a great choice. You can negotiate credit card debt relief on your own straight with each of the creditors, but it could get a little difficult and eventually not offer advantageous results. Thus, it is better to get in touch with a debt relief company, probably the one which has impressive repute and good amount of experience. Find out how they can help you and you can get all the details via their site or live chat or telephone call and get instant answer.

A good debt relief company will offer free of charge consultancy and then focus on the debts and then suggest about the repayment strategy. They act on your behalf to strike the perfect debt relief with your lenders and creditors and provide a reduction on the interest rates and other charges. Depending on the type of credit card debt, the company can get you a reduction of 30 to 65%, subjected to the age and segment of the credit card debt. This describes what a perfect debt negotiation company can do for you. They perform this by mixing your and others debts to add up to a bigger amount and then negotiate together with the lender.

The creditor has two options to abide by:

  1. Accept the overall amount suggested in the negotiation and close the deal
  2. Get legal proceeding with the probability of extracting more money or just nothing from the borrower.

Usually the lender negotiates the credit card debts as a perfect strategy, in particular if they’re working with an experienced and respectable debt relief company. Now, the company represents you and you stop dealing with the angry or prompting creditors. However, you should ensure that you choose a company with excellent record and a prestigious member of TASC, Better Business Bureau or IAPDA.a dedicated company becomes conversant with its clients and their life. So, everytime you demand any enquiry or info, you’re assured to get help.

Choosing the right debt relief company to enact in place of you is crucial and it is really helpful in the long run. So, just click here and get all the info about how to choose a reliable company for your credit card debt relief and enjoy tension-free effective service on your personal loans.

Proven Tactics for Credit Card Debt Help

If you’re one of those suffering from bad debt, it is suggested to seek some professional assistance. The experts can help you find a simple way out to all your debt related issues. Over half of the problem is sorted when the total debt amount is consolidated to just a single that you find simple to manage. Luckily, there are several firms that offer top most credit card relief services and that too at minimal rates. Their basic duty is to set you free from several payments monthly and rather just go for a single time payment. Obviously, your strained nerves will get normal.

Select the best

All the company provides you credit card debt assistance, but they are chargeable small sum of amount every month. While there are some profit-based consolidation companies which charge more for the consolidation of debts. However, price shouldn’t be a matter, for you, the goodwill and genuineness of the company should be major priority. Once you’ve chosen the company, it eventually approaches with a list of quotes and appealing offers. Again, the right way is to make a comparative study of the different offers and extract the best one for yourself. Along with the amazing offers they provide you, it is important to check out the reviews of the customers who’ve been their clients before in order to get fair about its performance.

What marks the genuineness of the firm is its working in the preparation of your credit card debt reduction plan and scheme. The proficient experts of the company work with the simple aim of offering you with the best possible credit card debt assistance. They assess your condition and accordingly plan a strategy for you. They also provide you info about how to handle your income and expenses, so that the same problem doesn’t come up again. Thus, these companies not only work on the credit card debt assistance program, but also help you handle your finances too.

The major advantage is considering the help of these firm is sought when you find them negotiating with your creditors and banks without even involving you. They try and fetch the best deal out for you. So, you no longer have to meet the parties and negotiate on your own. The firm does that on your place. It certainly relieves so much stress from you head.

In order to rid of your credit card debt legitimately, the right way is to select a suitable debt settlement program. You will certainly make benefits in cracking the deal. The major feature is that eventually you’ll be debt free in just 12 to 36 months and end up in paying less than 50% of the total amount you owed. All you need to do is hire a credit card debt relief company, which can handle all the harassment and torture of the creditors on your behalf. The only duty performed by the debtor is to provide the right info to the debt settlement company about the plastic card company.


4 Simple Steps for Credit Card Debt Relief

People are everywhere looking for a reliable help for credit card debt relief. Millions of people owe around hundreds of thousands to their credit card companies. But, is the credit card debt relief really an option? If you really know what you up to, then check out the 4 steps for getting yourself free from the debt.

Evaluate your situation

The very first step is to assess how bad your situation is. This basically demands calculation of all your previous credit card statement’s outstanding balance. Usually people are scared to bring out an aggregate balance of all the statements as it somewhat ends up to a scary figure. However, in order to know your debt, you need to bring out the total amount.

Review your alternatives

Once you know the amount of debt you’re in, you can review your alternatives. With credit card debt relief, you have plethora of solutions and services accessible. Usually consumers choose these top three solutions for their relief- bankruptcy, debt negotiation and debt consolidation. However, it is up to you to select which one is suitable for you, depending upon the amount of debt you’re in and how your finances appear.

For those who can opt for a normal monthly payment every month, credit card debt consolidation is a great choice. However, for those whose credit has gone bad, they can probably seek help from a credit card debt relief company. These services can help in the negotiation of your rate of interest. And finally, if you really have a very bad credit score, then bankruptcy is the final option left.

Make a strategy

Once you’ve chosen the kind of credit card debt relief for you, it is time to design a plan. For debt consolidation, you need to evaluate how will you consolidate the debt and how much can you pay at the end of each month. For debt negotiation, one needs to determine how much money will they offer to the creditor and which creditors should be contacted first. For bankruptcy, you just need to look for the services of a suitable attorney.

Go for the action

Once you know the steps of your plan, it is time to bring them into action. For debt negotiation and bankruptcy, it is just the matter of appropriate steps and right execution. However, for debt consolidation, you also need a little amount of willpower.

The simple aim of credit card debt relief is to get rid of the debt as soon as possible. It means the debtor should pay as much as they can to the creditor to get rid of the loan. So, if you’re looking forward for a reliable credit card debt relief company that can meet your specs and provide you with apt services, at the best of the prices, then click here.

If you’ve experienced a large amount of credit card this season, do not worry. Give them in the hands of a credit card debt relief company and let them sort it out for you.

What to Do To Improve Your Customer Experience

Have you ever put your thought on what makes your business different from others? it’s the customer experience!

The web agency mistake that differentiation is all about their product. Therefore placing themselves having the best product or price is no longer considered as a better approach. Everyone in the market is thinking the same way, and thus, they make their product, service and price a commodity.
Being a web agency, you should know that buyer empowerment compound customer experience is the competitive online edge to lead in your industry. To help you do so, we are providing you the following tips.

Your Decisions Shouldn’t Be About Opinions, But Data

When it comes to business, you have to present facts and use them. However, if you have opinions, then this is not your game.
Your web agency needs to make actionable and prolific decisions to improve customer experience. It will need a careful analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. This can be challenging if you are egoist because people believe they are hired because of their instincts. It doesn’t work that way because good things happen when we stop believing what the highest paid person in the web agency thinks and dare to ask him supportive data. This helps to move faster and avoid the arguments for upcoming weeks. This improves your customer experience way a lot.

Draw The Customer Journey

This important exercise provides a clear view of interactions your customers will have with your web agency, accounting in both positive and negative. Besides, it gives you new opportunities for improvement your customer experience and makes you achieve your goals.
Journey mapping helps your web agency to mind the need and intention of your customer in your business’s decision-making process. This means you will need to figure out what it is like for your customer to interact with your brand over the time. However, if you step back to see the whole thing, you will understand that you make things hard for both your team and customer experience.

Mind The Customer’s Desired Outcome
Have you ever thought about what is customer desired outcome related to your customer experience? What is the thing that your customer wants? The answer to this question is two things, the needed outcome that your customer needs and how your web agency can make that possible
The first can be said; you fly a commercial airtime, and your customer needs you to go from point C to D in minimum time. That’s the need.
The second question is important for improving customer experience. It can be answered with how you make your web agency different. There are many companies that offer the bare minimum time, but you can improve your serving for better outcomes.

Fe-el Web Agency Milano

Compare Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Features

Apple can undoubtedly called the leading smartphone manufacturer of this generation but with Samsung releasing few awesome phones over the past few months, Apple is facing good competition from this next huge brand. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was announced and released a few months before iPhone 6, in March 2015. Apple iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge provide almost similar features but with different hardware specifications. Also, these phones fall very close based on their prices in the Indian markets. Both these phones comes with sim card technology. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is known for its light weight body that weighs around 132 grams, where as Apple iPhone 6 weighs almost 129 grams, which makes both these phones almost same with regard to their weights. Apple iPhone 6 is available in wide range of colors to choose from namely Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold whereas the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is available in White, black, gold and green colors to choose from.The Latest Price of iPhone 6 is INR.32,050 for 16GB Model and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Price is INR.38,031. Check out Apple and Samsung Mobile Price list to find out the best prices of various models in these brands.


Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Processor

The key features of S6 Edge is that it runs on two processors simultaneously, one which is Quad-core 1.5 GHz and the other being Quad-core 2.1 GHz that tends to provide one of the best user experience with its top speed and high reliability. On the other hand, Apple iPhone 6 works on the Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon high quality processor, which also tends to provide the best performance to the user, but it is not on par with comparison to the processor quality that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge provides.

Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display

Apple iPhone 6 comes with a display screen of size 4.7 inches with its LED back lit capacitive screen that supports up to 16.7 M color display. It supports a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with multitouch option. The screen also comes with a protective layer of oleophobic coating and an ion strengthened glass. When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the display screen comes with a screen size of 5.1 inches, with its IPS LCD capacitive screen. It supports the same resolution and comes with an extra protective gorilla glass screen. Both these screens are suitable for HD video playback and for playing games, depending on their operating systems though.


Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge OS & RAM

Apple iPhone 6 runs on the Apple operating system version 8 with its look and feel of Apple software and its trademark icons whereas the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge works on the Android OS version 5.0.2, which is upgradable to the next version 6.0 (Marshmallow). Apple iPhone 6 comes with an internal memory storage capacity of 16, 64 or 128 GB, depending on the user’s preference. However, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with an internal storage capacity of 32, 64 or 128 GB alternatives, making it the better option as 32 GB is preferred by most users. Both these phones do not have the option of utilising the external memory storage, which is a minor drawback given that their internal storages are sufficient most of the time. Apple iPhone 6 utilizes a RAM of size 1 GB, where as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge runs on a RAM of size 3 GB. A RAM of higher space is expected from Apple iPhone 6 because it is a high quality phone that is expected to perform all kinds of multitasking operations.

Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Camera

Both these phones are well known for their camera quality, where the primary camera in iPhone 6 provides a picture quality at 8 MP and the primary camera of Samsung S6 edge provides 16 MP quality. The secondary camera for Apple iPhone 6 works at 1.2 MP whereas the secondary camera of Galaxy S6 Edge works at 5 MP quality. Even though the differences exist between these two phones, Apple iPhone 6 provides the best picture quality with respect to all of its internal features and capturing modes.

Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery

Apple iPhone 6 comes with a non-removable Li-Po 1810 mAh battery that is expected to work good by providing a battery backup time of up to 14 hours on 3G mode. Apple phones are notoriously known for their low battery life and this smartphone also provides only a bit above the satisfactory level. The users have reported that they have to charge their phones for every few hours on a stretch. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge works with a non-removable Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery which works at top quality by providing an even more battery backup time of 19 hours on 3G mode.

Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Overview

Apple iPhone 6 though had 69 score for its features on PriceJugaad, but scored 82 on its reviews because of satisfactory user experience. On the other hand, Samsung S6 Edge in spite of having been scored 88 for features on PriceJugaad could not able to impress much and hence, review score is 68 only. The lack of option to expand the internal memory has disappointed the users of Samsung.

It might sound a bit off the chart to be comparing these two phones based on their specifications but their quality of performance is almost the same. The Apple iPhone 6 is well known for its enhanced display and good picture quality. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is known for its extra Edge notification features, its RAM speed, battery back-up and its outer look with its amazing design quality.


Spin bikes exercise routines that every beginner should know

If you are a spin biking beginner, there are several biking routines that you must know. These routines will help you build your stamina, lose weight and keep you fit and healthy. These workouts are suitable for all kinds of indoor biking equipment. They can be done on a spin bike, a triathlon bike or even an indoor bike that has a power meter that is built in. Here’s the list of spin bike routines you must know about:

1)   Tabata Intervals

This routine of spin biking is one of the most intense routines and is also extremely time efficient. The routine was named after Izumi Tabata, an exercise physiologist from Japan. To begin with you need to do a minimum 5 minute warm up session on the bike. The warm up session can be done at an easy level. After completing the warm up session you need to increase the intensity level or gear of the bike to hard. For 20 seconds sprint on this level.

Following the 20 second sprint, stop and take a ten second break. After the ten second break, instantly repeat the 20 second intense and gruelling sprint session. In total you need to complete eight 20 second sprints with a 10 second break in between each sprint. Whether or not you wish to do a short cool down session after you complete this routine is up to you.

2)   Lactate Threshold Test

In this biking routine, a secondary muscle fuel, lactate begins a rapid accumulation in the blood stream. This happens because the usage of lactate is far less than the production. For this exercise, you need to do a quick 10-15 minute warm up on your indoor bike. You will require a bike with a power meter that is built in. You need to wear a heart rate monitor in order to keep track of your lactate threshold heart rate.

Once you are done with your warm up, for approximately 20 minutes, non-stop, you need to ride the bike at the best speed you can. Don’t overdo the pace because you should not end up stopping before the 20 minutes are completed. Maintain a speed that you’re comfortable with, but at the same time a speed that is intense. Once you have completed the rigorous 20 minutes, you need to continue for an additional five minutes at an easy level to cool down.

3)   Wattage Hold

Wattage hold is an excellent interval training routine that is unique from most interval training routines. Unlike the other routines, there is no designated duration of intervals. On the contrary, once you have chosen your specific wattage number, you need to continue it for as much of time as possible. Each time has to be longer than your previous work out. In order to attempt this routine, you need to select a wattage that you believe that you can hang on to for 5 minutes.

You first need to begin with an easy and light workout of anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Once you have completed that you have to increase the intensity to the selected level. At the designated intensity keep going until you complete a round figure of minutes. For instance, if you do it for ten minutes and are certain that your body will not be able to complete the eleventh minute, stop immediately at ten. Continue at these levels for a couple of weeks, once you find that your stamina is increasing pull on for that extra minute and make it eleven minutes. Keep increasing your minutes gradually in the same manner.

These spin routines will give you the toned body and fitness you have always desired. Select any one that you find most suitable to you and spin away.