Online Mobile Recharges – A Boon for Net Savvy Individuals

Inarguably, life comes with a volley of uncertainties and if they have to do with the necessity of keeping in touch with our near and dear ones at all times, then it is a matter of choice to go the online way. All thanks to the MobiKwik app, this user-friendly interface allows you to recharge any mobile subscription even while on the move. Steadily garnering patronage, these online mobile recharges have become the talk of the town easing the lives of net savvy individuals in more ways than one!


An Easy Way to Recharge your Airtel Connection

The huge chunk of Airtel subscribers now have the luxury of choosing to proceed with their Airtel Online Recharge through this customer-centric mobile app. It is as simple as entering all the details along with the amount for you to stay connected with your family and colleagues. Allowing patrons to choose a befitting plan from amongst a list of available talk time options, a loud shout out goes in favour of this easy-to-use and swift mobile recharge app.

Recharge your Vodafone While on the Go

A simple click on the “Mobile” option on the homepage of the online payment portal is all what it takes to ensure you stay connected with your contacts. Choosing the Vodafone Online Recharge thus comes as a wise move to avail the benefits of various plans that are offered time and again. The network which makes its strong presence felt in many states across India enables patrons to choose their circle before entering the amount to be recharged.

Online Recharge of your Reliance Connection

Avoiding the eleventh hour rush to scout for a customer care outlet to initiate your Reliance Online Recharge, it is now a matter of luxury to proceed with online recharges. The keyed in details which are authenticated by this payment gateway eventually bestow Reliance subscribers to make the most of online payments as they enjoy the company of their loved ones through long and hearty phone conversations.

Social Media Prospecting the Right Way

Are you in need of help with social media prospecting? You’ve come to the right place.  Social media lead generation is one of the best ways to tap into your warm market – people you know – by reaching out to people where they already are.  If you aren’t doing it right, though, you might not only lose the sale but ruin your reputation with your friends and family as well.  So what’s the right way to do social media prospecting?


Make the Right Approach

Especially with people you already know, don’t launch into a pitch right away.  Effective social media prospecting begins by reestablishing a connection.  You want to test whether or not the person is active on social media, and reach out in a way that doesn’t scream “I’m trying to sell you something.”  Begin like you would in reestablishing any connection, by asking them how they’re doing.  A simple “Hey, we haven’t talked in a while, how are you?” helps start the conversation.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

While you don’t want to push a sale, you also shouldn’t ignore the elephant in the room: you’re reaching out as part of your social media prospecting efforts.  So when they respond, be polite and friendly but make your point quickly.  Something like, “That’s great, we really should catch up sometime!” is a great way to be genuine while leading up to your pitch.  Once you’ve done that, pay them a compliment and ask them if they might be interested in your offer.  “I remember you’re a really [smart/outgoing/etc.] person and I’m currently working on a project I think you’d be perfect for.  Would you like to meet for coffee so I could tell you more about it?”

The key to successful social media prospecting is to leverage your established relationships and being genuine about what you’re contacting them for.  Connect with your prospects in a friendly, honest way and your social media lead generation efforts will be much more successful.

Learn more about social media lead generation and how to grow your network marketing business.

Key Points about JEE You need to know

Engineering aspirants must be prepared to understand all their concepts clearly as they are required to innovate using their conceptual understanding and get them in practical usage. To better prepare students for the engineering field, the CBSE has introduced the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), an engineering entrance examination where clearing of concepts is given utmost importance.

JEE- What you need to know

·         JEE is comprised of two examinations. The JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The JEE Mains is affiliated with most of the colleges in the country. Different colleges prescribe various cut-offs for students to enter the college.

·         The Mains exam is of objective type comprising of 90 questions each of 4 marks. There is negative marking so be wise in the questions you attempt. The examination is of 3 hours and you can opt to give the exam online or offline.

·         Students that give the exam offline must know that once they mark an answer on the O.R.S. they cannot change it. So they are advised to mark the sure-shot answers when there is an hour or so left for the examination to terminate.

·         If the students pass the JEE Mains cut-off which is usually within 115-120 marks, they are eligible to give JEE Advanced. The examination is comparatively even tougher than the Mains and the student is placed into an IIT in India based on his AIR (All India Rank).

JEE Advanced- Your ticket to IIT

IITs are considered to be one of the most reputed colleges in the country. The student having passed the Mains exam can attempt the Advanced exam. The students are ranked according to the percentile got and the first 1,50,000 are placed in the IITs. Top IITs include IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and so on. Students with a decent score in the Advanced exam can also try for admission into NITs.

How does one apply for JEE Advanced?

Firstly, the student must have passed the Mains. The student can check for whether they’ve passed the cut-off right after the examination by referring to the answer key off the Internet. If you’re sure to have passed the cut-off, you can start preparing for the Advanced examination.

Of course, you’ll be given your Mains result well before the declared date of the Advanced examination. You can then apply for the registration form from All the documents including your JEE Mains mark sheet will be taken into consideration. Once you complete all the procedures step by step will you be given your JEE Advanced Admit Card.

Preparation methods for JEE Advanced

JEE Advanced is also of objective type but they are variations.

·         Along with MCQ type questions the examination also comprises of match the following, one question many answers- where there are 2 correct answers to be chosen from 4 options.

·         The examination also consists of a section where there are 4 statements given of which they student has to determine which of the statements are correct or wrong depending upon on the question.

The level of complexity is said to be even higher than the Mains and the JEE Advanced Syllabuscomprises of further conceptual testing of the student. Again, the examination is so set to clear your point of view of different concepts and their practical usage in day to day life.

You have almost a month’s time to prepare for the Advanced exam after the Mains. So use your time  wisely. Prepare from different IIT-JEE books and make sure you conceptually understand what you’re doing. If stuck, refer to your basic CBSE text books for reference and try not to be too overwhelmed.

Other entrance examinations you could prepare for

It’s sensible to prepare for other entrances while preparing for JEE. They comprise usually of the same syllabus you’re preparing for the JEE. The EAMCET slots have started filling up along with other examinations like BITSAT & VITEEE.


The JEE 2016 aims for students better prepare themselves for the engineering field and understand the need of each mark. If you prepare with the correct methods, it’ll be very easy for students to pass the cut-off and attempt the JEE Advanced.

What is the importance of android phones in our life?

Android is ruling the world of smartphone as becoming the powerful OS for the smartphones. Today people love to purchase smartphones because of android. This OS enables user to download numerous applications and software’s. Here we will explain some of the benefits of android phones which attracts anyone to buy it.  

Installation of huge number of applications – From learning to playing everything is been covered by the Google play store. Google Play store is a collection of applications make by talented people to help android users around the world. Today there are more than a million applications launched which are making the life the people easier and comfortable. As per smartphone shopping websites are concerned Flipkart is one of the top websites which also offer promo codes for Flipkart customers. These promo codes help in getting price discounts.

Autonomous Android- Users of smartphone can root their phone as per their needs. They are free to extend their boundation to high levels. People can simply automate things like toggling GPS powering the screen and altering CPU. People who desire to purchase such autonomous android phones should buy using compuIndia coupons which help in getting good discounts.

Ad blocker feature– Mostly people face problems when their smartphone gets hang due to unnecessary ads. Today android world has come up with the solution for such problems. Ad blocker applications are available in the Google play store which secures your phone from unwanted ads and viruses.

Updates of the Android versions- Like IOS phones these days smartphones are launched which can be upgraded to latest versions. People don’t have to change their device after new version arrives just they need to upgrade to the latest version an enjoy it. Currently lollypop is the latest android version which can be upgraded by any Smartphone.

Tethering free of cost- Users of android smartphones can create easy WIFI hotspot without getting charged for it. It will just consume internet data with similar rates.

Backup facility- Users of smartphone can take benefit of back up facility which will save their important data and information over internet or on SD card. Today people don’t have to worry if their device gets stolen or broken they can easily retrieve their data.

Easy uninstalling of anything- In early days phones used to be launched with built in applications which can’t be deleted. Today smartphone world has made the platform where any user can download their application and remove which all are not required.

Social media connectivity- People love this feature of connecting with social media instantly. You can upload you latest pictures less than a minute time over social media. Life without social media is nothing in todays scenario so it’s a good choice to buy a android smartphone.

Smartphones have become a necessary part of our life and without it we cant think of our world for a minute.  Don’t get back in updating yourself in terms of applications, its time to get the applications which can make you smart in your life.

5 Things Taken For Granted In An Online MBA

As online and correspondence courses have picked up steam over the last few years, a majority of the oblivious crowd seem to carry a lot of misconceptions of how an online MBA works, and how they are often “useless” and how “they don’t add any value to your profile”.

But the truth is quite different. Here are some things concerning MBA distance education courses that people take for granted.

  1. You Can Easily Get An Online MBA

Whatever you are studying, MBA in Finance or an MBA in Marketing, when you mention that you’ve chosen the online means, people nonchalantly commit to this fallacious argument that these courses are easy. But what they don’t understand is they are just as effective as traditional business administration courses.

First off, the curriculum followed by online courses are actually designed by experienced faculties with healthy partnership between industry frontrunners to offer the right topics that hold relevance in the current employment market. Each individual that signs up has to submit timely assignments based on which they are graded, which by no means is an “easy” process.

  1. You Aren’t Getting Quality Education

This is an extension of the first point about the curriculum. While traditional courses take a roundabout approach to teaching students about business practices, online courses don’t. They are usually to the point and teach you what is absolutely necessary. For instance an online MBA in operations management will teach you the exact same things a conventional college degree does.

  1. You Are Getting A Fake Degree

No university is ever allowed to offer a course without getting prior accreditation from the UGC of India. So, the idea that these courses aren’t certified is a false argument.

  1. You Can Cheat Your Way Through An Online MBA

While cheating in a college course might have been easier, online MBAs aren’t. All the assignments you ever submit will be carefully vetted with the help of plagiarism check tools to ensure that the assignments are genuine and fresh. So, there’s no real room for the cheats.

  1. Your Employers Don’t Usually Care About Distance Degrees

This point might have rung true in the 1990s, but it certainly doesn’t in the technology-driven world of the 21st century. If anything, employers look at it as a challenge you take upon yourself to move up the corporate ladder.

These are just a few things that people usually take for granted, which blinds them to the numerous benefits that an online course can offer. So, be wise and choose right!

The t shirts for men are have wide Range of Varieties in numerous Brands

Men dress style distinctively relying upon the event they are going to. Some of the time, there is a requirement for one to wear formal clothing while there are additionally times that specific spots license casual wear. These circumstances are frequently basic for ladies since they have the hardest time in picking what to wear.

The opposite sex, then again, turns out to be effortlessly settled on what garments they might want to wear for the day. For instance, polo shirts for men are turning into a mainstream decision due to their adaptability. One can get in polo t shirts for men in simply a question of seconds and they would fit anyplace whether you go to class, to work, to a person’s night, to a date, and so on.

The motivation behind why polo t shirts for men are extremely adaptable with regards to their place or event of utilization is its outline. Since it is much the same as a shirt, it can be utilized for casual wear yet its additional neckline likewise adds a feeling of custom to the individual wearing it. Notwithstanding this, polo shirts for men additionally come in various plans so they can be wearable on a shoreline party or a prospective employee meet-up.

While considering these t shirts for men, you may likewise need to consider the fabric that it is comprised of. As a rule, these garments are produced using cotton however others are produced using different materials. That decision will as of now be dependent upon you, the purchaser, contingent upon your inclination and solace, the vast majority of all.

Different organizations have as of now been assembling polo shirts for men so it is not all that hard to search for these sorts of attire. You can look over the marked ones or those that are not yet so understood, simply ensure that they have a decent vibe on your skin since solace will be your main thought.

The t shirts for men are symbols of men’s clothing as for custom. They don’t just make men look great additionally make them look more reliable as they duplicate a picture of polished skill of themselves, as well as of the organization that they are speaking to in a specific occasion. French sleeve shirts especially, are exceptionally appropriate on certain event particularly formal ones. They are frequently made in the United States of American however follow their roots to an alternate area. Like the American Dollar, these t-shirt make a flimsy line amongst formal and casual everywhere throughout the globe.

Standard t shirts for men have full sleeves that achieve the wrists. Sleeves are situated toward the end of the sleeves which are twofold collapsed to make it thick. Catches are used to close and bolt these sleeves at the wrist or another alternative is sleeve buttons. They are intended to be worn with ties however not wearing one doesn’t decrease its custom. T-shirt come in various styles. The conservative sorts have catches on the neckline so you could affix them with the tie under it.

T-shirt likewise come in grouped sizes which fit a wide range of body shapes and size. So regardless of how enormous or little you are and regardless of how your body is fabricated, a splendidly fitted shirt with a decent sewing can cover up or demonstrate your “benefits.” If you don’t possess one right now, attempt to buy a planner shirt. It’s a pleasant begin subsequent to the shirt in itself is trademark of each planner. Tailing this, clearly each is delivered by these originators can fit you pleasantly.

How Can New Communication and Telephony Tech Save Your Business Money?

Covering overheads in your business can hold you back from moving forward with your business, but cutting back and ‘keeping costs down’ can have a detrimental impact on business achievement. The trick is making the right adjustments and investments that will give you long-term gains. This post talks about new technology that can help your business grow whilst saving you money.


The use of VoIP or voice over internet protocol is on the rise. It means using the internet to place calls and video conferencing in place of traditional telecoms. The quality of internet calls is constantly being improved, and concerns over audio and visual quality are constantly being abated. The main benefits of VoIP are as follows:

  • With internet access, you can take the system with you – your business number can be used via the internet to make calls to you wherever you’re connected.
  • You can receive voice mail straight to your email inbox.
  • As a result of the flexibility offered, productivity will be increased as you can work from anywhere – you can access calls on multiple devices: your own laptop, your mobile or business phone and your work computer.

Furthermore, the use of VoIP can drastically reduce telecommunication costs because call charges are significantly lower and businesses do not have to maintain separate networks for data and phones.

Cloud Computing

The cloud is a storage space with infinite potential. Moving your archives to cloud services mean access is more flexible and, like VoIP, can be accessed anywhere with a broadband connection. It cuts down the cost of storage hardware, and saves paper and therefore space in the office.

Document control and security is paramount with cloud providers, and is far more secure than keeping data on physical devices that are prone to loss, damage and file corruption. The cloud industry is lucrative and with many providers striving for your investment, prices are competitive.

Cloud computing is better for the environment than traditional file storage systems; it makes sense both for minimising the emissions and consumption of businesses, but saves money in the long run and can help raise the public profile of your business by setting an example.

Businesses are waking up to the fact that some processes and systems already in place are becoming obsolete at an alarming rate and are turning to new tech to solve the problem. A lot of SMEs are reluctant to implement minor changes that can have a directly beneficial impact financially.


Create Partition in your system with EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS is one of the leading names in the software and utility services. They provide a large number of effective and powerful recovery software and tools that help you to manage your data efficiently. It doesn’t require the system to be rebooted for creating the partitions in the systems.

Some of the features of the EaseUS partition manager are:

  • Help to copy one hard disk to another without the need to reinstall Windows
  • Partition Manager allows you to recover and restore that that was lost or deleted accidentally
  • Converts the Master Booth record to GUID Partition Table and vice versa, without leading to any loss of data in the system.
  • Supports wipe partitions so that the critical data can be wiped out from the system entirely
  • Assist in merging the partition so that they can form one big entity.

EaseUS provides great assistance and technical support for free of cost. There are several additions available of the EaseUS partition master. You can take an update and get free technical assistance with it. You can also download a free trial version of it from their official web page. You can also copy high volumes of data, without the need to update your Windows or re-install it.


Why use EaseUS partition Manager:

  • Provides interface that is user friendly
  • Includes help files that assist you
  • You can easily merge, copy, and delete partitions as per your needs

You have the provision to install Windows on an external hard drive; but it is not feasible to install windows in a hard disk that has default settings in it. For people who are not very computer and tech savvy, it is not a very simple task. Once you connect you hard drive to the system, you might see the installation screen on your system, but when you make an attempt to install it , it doesn’t work out. For installing windows you will have to format your external hard drive first and then connect it to your computer.

You can go through the link install windows 10 on external hard drive, to get a step by step tutorial on how to install windows in your external hard disk. You can also learn windows 10 partition by browsing through this link.

One more challenge is to create disk partition windows 10. For users who are not very experienced inthis field can specifically face a problem. There are two ways in which you can proceed for creating disk partitions. Microsoft has its disk management tool that be used for this. Otherwise you can also go for professional software available on the internet. They offer you a step by step user manual guidance.

EaseUS offers free partition software that is very user friendly and can efficiently help in disk partition. The best feature of EaseUS partition master is that creates the partitions without any data loss. You can also resize your partitions or move them any time you feel like



8 Simple Tips to Secure a Mac computer from Malware

It is well known that Apple’s Mac computers are much more secure than any Windows based system. The ratio is as much as 4 recognized virus infections on Mac’s OS X, in comparison to as many as 80000 for the Windows Operating System. However, the fact that infections occur at all on Mac means that there is a need to secure the information even if it is a safer option when compared to Windows.

  1. Periodically update OS X as well as any Apps

Why do you need to do this? It is because updates include additional protection elements against the latest known viruses affecting the OS X.

  • For updating OS X go to Apple Menu and select Software Update. Install it.
  • For updating Apps, visit the Apple Store, and update the relevant app.


  1. Uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash

Many of the recent security breaches found on Mac are attributable to these two pieces of software. To uninstall Acrobat reader, you would have to locate the/Library/Internet Plug-ins/AdobePDFViewer.plugin file, and remove it. Alternately, run the bundled uninstalled app for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Adobe Flash is to be managed rather than uninstalled. This is because it is an integral part of games and videos. Therefore, a plugin for Adobe Flash is more appropriate. It would disable Adobe Flash, which can then be facilitated as and when needed.

The disabling plugin is used in the browser. There are different plugins for various browsers such as FlashBlock for Firefox and Chrome. Safari requires ClicktoFlash.

  1. Disable Java

Like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java too had its security breaches. The main culprit is the Flashback virus, but there is an other piece of malware too. The remedy is to periodically update any of the Apple’s software especially designed for covering the security holes found in Java, or to disable and uninstall it. It needs to be removed from a web browser as well. To remove Java from Safari, go to the Safari menu, and then to Preference. Once there click on “Security”. You will notice the check box for “Enable Java.”Just unchecked that.

In OS X, Java can be disabled by going to the Applications folder. From here go to Utilities and run Java Preferences app found in this folder. From here, unchecked the boxes that are located near “Java SE #” and also unchecked the box next to “Enable applet plug-in and Web Start Applications.”

  1. Disable Automatic Opening of Downloaded Files

This happens through the Safari browser.  To disable it, go to Safari Preferences and choose General tab. Here, you’ll find a check-box for “Open “safe” files after downloading.” Unchecked this box.

  1. Do not install any random software you were not looking for

This is another route to infect Mac’s OS X. Such software will appear randomly. At times, there may appear an installation dialogue box that is for downloading something you did not ask for.

  1. Confirm the definitions of Anti-malware

For this go to OS X’s System Preferences. Here you will find “Security & Privacy.” Under it is the General list, which includes a check box for “Automatically update safe downloads list.” Check that.

  1. Antivirus Software is Essential

Opt for a solid antivirus option, such as Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. As of date, Bitdefender qualifies as the best even for the Mac OS. It offers the best defense against privacy threats, identity theft, and cyber-threats. It is also easy to install. It is available for single as well as interlinked systems. The antivirus software can even provide protection for data in the iCloud.

  1. Have a Backup

The measures suggested above are effective, no doubt. But there can be a new threat emerging at any point in time. Therefore, periodically doing a backup always helps to make sure you never lose access to your most important data.
And if your data is lost you can also recover your data form this data recovery software

Things to Consider When Investing into a Residential Property

Buying a residential property is one aspect that demands a good amount of your attention. There are chances, it may be your biggest investments till date, and you would definitely not want to go wrong.

Residential properties vary based on numerous factors such as the locality, the area of the plot, and the ambience to name a few. As a result, they vary in pricing as well.

delhi hdfcred

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find your dream home at the price within your budget. Follow the below-listed steps that can help you make the right decision:

The Pricing

Imagine you are looking out for a residential property in Delhi. You might come across a few hoarding and advertising claiming to offer you a dream home at an unimaginably low price. Falling for such baseless claims can, at times, get you in trouble. Instead, it will rather be wise to invest more and avoid last minute surprises.

Check if Safe

If you are someone residing in a metro, it is common to find buildings that have been constructed just a couple of years ago and are now on the verge of being demolished due to safety concerns. This is primarily due to the inferior quality of material used in the construction. You definitely would not want to buy a home that will force you to look for another, in just a year or two.

Also, check if the housing society you intend to move to is surrounded by a fence. And if you own a car, you would want to make sure that it has a parking space.


In case you plan to move in a newly constructed home, find out if there are individuals around. There are chances you might be the first one to make a move. That may seem as lonely as it sounds. No doubt, there may soon be families moving in, but living alone with nobody to mingle with can turn out to be a bit depressing.

Inspect the area

How far is the home from the nearest railway station or the bus depot? Is there a mode of transport that will help you get to your office on a regular basis? Are there any schools nearby? It is crucial to find answers to all of these questions before you make the final deal.

With all that being said, it is clear that only a good amount of patience can help you find the most desired residential property. Presently, Delhi is one of the major cities with brand new residential projects coming up rapidly. Investing in a property in Delhi in the present times is surely the wittiest thing to do.

The property rates are rapidly rising and the trend is not witnessing any negative chances in the near future. So, if you have already bought a property in Delhi and wish to sell it off in a couple of years, you need to pat your back with pride for having made the right decision in buying one in the first place.