How Technology Has Shaped Fashion Over The Years

A lot has changed in the fashion world in the last decade. With the convergence of technology and fashion, consumers can now easily avail products via e-commerce platforms. Access to a variety of brands has become much easier and this has been a major contributor to an increased interest in fashion.

Here are some of the ways that technology has shaped the fashion industry:

Online stores and apps galore!

In the past few years if there’s anything that’s changed in the fashion industry it is the buying and selling of clothes and accessories on the internet. Never had anyone imagined that fashion technology would advance to a point where consumers can see their apparel online and purchase it on credit, debit or cash on delivery.


YouTube tutorials

Confused about a new brand? A new piece of clothing? A new make-up kit. Why worry, just go watch a video on YouTube where hundreds of experts break down fashion tips and advice for you. Whether it is wearing a piece of clothing four different ways or pairing it up with the best accessory, they’ve got it all.

Technology trends make it easy for brands to sponsor YouTube videos by allowing experts to make tutorials and market their product thereby, succeeding at a fantastic advertising strategy. These videos are often watched and subscribed to by thousands of people.


Instagram and other social media style guides driving sales

Technology in retail is opening doors for opportunities like no other. Marketing, branding and sales are carried out through social media that have generated tremendous sale and profits for fashion companies.

Social media after all is as good as free advertising – Facebook’s promotional shares, adverts onPinterest and Instagram blogs –  technology in fashion has definitely raised the bar.


3D printing influence

The 2016 Met Gala saw a revolutionary trend of technology in fashion with 3D print parts of geometrical shapes and dresses. 3D printing of fashion is becoming a tool of innovation for fashion designers where they are able to merge technology and new age fashion to create bold, edgy designs. 3D print apparel has now become the wearable technology today’s era.


3D trial rooms

This is yet another technological phenomenon that captured the fashion industry.

abof has introduced several 3D trial rooms where the online shopper can now enter three basic body measurements that will create a digital avatar that resembles their body. Customers can then try on all types of clothing on the avatar to see how it would look if they wore it. The rate of return of clothes bought via 3D portal are very low.

This kind of technology literally allows you to shop and try out clothes all from the comfort of your home.

Coitus improved with Long Jack Extract


“How to enhance sexual performance in men?”

You are not alone! Many are in search for ways to enhance sexual performance, and many have come up with various answers for this.

That question has been answered by some with the use of a set or sets of exercises, some suggest food supplements and others insist on the use pills enhancements which are available in pharmacies.

Long Jack extract.

This is a common name used for a supplement extracted from a plant known as Eutycoma Longifolia, which is also known as Tongkat Ali. Other common names used for this plant are Malaysian Ginseng or Longjack.


Tongkat Ali is an indigenous plant from Asia, mainly found in Malasia and Indonesia. It can also be found in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Combodia, Indonesia and Singapore.

In Malasia, the plant is classified as a protected species. It is grown as a crop and after being harvested, they are sold all over the world.

Traditional uses.

Over the years Longjack has mainly been used as a performance aid where it is added to coffee, tea and other energy beverages.

It has also been used for medial purposes

Modern uses.

Currently the plant is proving to have more and more benefits, but the main thing is how it is used to enhances sexual performance.

Scientists have carried out several investigations on this plant and have found promising results.

It is believed the supplement is capable of helping in muscle building and reducing body fat. This is because it increases the body’s testosterone levels, which increases the metabolic rate and as a result, it improves blood circulation throughout the body and boost energy levels.

Other uses

  • It is used by body builders. The extract is believed to help in building body muscle and strengthen the heart and bones.
  • Reverse Infertility, research has been done and it seems possible in men.
  • Restore poor memory and enhance mental performance
  • Improves the body’s ability to break down and assimilate lipids, which decreases cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • It is used for medicinal purposes, this is currently being researched and it proves effective in the following conditions and diseases:

– Tuberculosis

– Cancer

– Malaria

– Bone Pain

– Diarrhoea

– Peptic Ulcers

– Headache

The list grows longer as scientists do more research on the extract.


Safe usage

The several tests carried out show that the supplement is relatively safe, since no negative side effects have been noted. But because it is not fully understood, it is advisable not to be taken by people with other health conditions, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It has not also been approved to be used by women or whether it is appropriate for them to use it.

However, studies have shown a 300 – 500mg dosage, taken between 2-4 times a day is appropriate.

But to be on the safe side, consult a doctor with knowledge in Longjack extract.


The long Jack extract has had several reviews done by sciencists and it proves to enhance sexual performance in men.

How Air Quality Testing Protects Your Health

Coping with mold is frustrating, but having mold spores in your home’s air makes things worse. The good thing is that easy relief is available in the form of air quality testing. If you know what sort of mold spores are in your home, you will be in a better position to take care of the problem with the help of water damage repair near DC.

Accurate Testing Helps

Mold spores can be bothersome for allergy sufferers in particular. One of the benefits of air quality testing is being able to identify the type of mold that is causing the problem. These tests can also tell you how high the concentration of mold is in your home or on your property.

How Experts Help

Mold removal specialists have the necessary equipment required to identify mold spores. The equipment used for mold testing is sensitive enough to ensure that you receive accurate results. Once you’ve contacted experts to help you test the quality of the air, you may be surprised at how soon you’ll receive answers.

Receiving Results

After water damage experts have taken samples from your home, they will have them tested at an independent lab. You can be sure that the samples are safe the whole time and that the experts care about accurate results. You will receive a lab report that is easy to read so that you know what’s going on and have a better idea of the steps to take next.

Specialized Treatment

One of the best things about mold remediation is the fact that the solution is tailored to customer needs. No two cases of mold will be exactly the same, and experts must use a variety of tested and proven methods to help ensure the best results. Besides using effective methods to get rid of the mold, experts also use disinfectant to help ensure that your home is nice and clean following the treatment.

Knowing What to Expect Before Starting

Free estimates and proposals are available to ensure that you know what you’re getting into when you agree to air quality testing and mold remediation. You’ll be on your way to having a happier, safer household with these options that put your health first. A mold-free house is always much more pleasant.