The very best Roku deals for Black Friday 2016

Roku can transform your old TV into a ‘smart TV’. With over 2,000 channels, and growing, you’ll never miss your favourites shows, games, bands or videos again. Roku allows you to steam entertainment from top channels, such as, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, ITV, YouTube and BBC Sports.

There are no subscription costs or hidden charges. Depending on what you watch there maybe a fee, as some channels charge a subscription or allow you to simply rent or buy. But there are also hundreds of channels that are free to enjoy, leaving you in control of what you want to pay for and what you don’t.

There are three different product versions, and in order of premium to basic these are, Roku 3, Roku 2 and the Streaming Stick.

We have the best deals for Black Friday, so if you were planning on giving your  TV a makeover check out the deals below. We will be updating these everyday, twice a day.


 Best Roku 3 deals

The benefits of choosing a Roku 3 is its point anywhere remote, which includes a headphone jack for private listening and its motion control for games. It also houses a fast HD optimised processor, unlike the Streaming Stick, making usage simple and responsive.

The very best DualShock 4 deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016

There’s no doubt about it, the DualShock 4 is not only the best gaming controller ever made by Sony, but also a contender for the best ever made. It’s super comfortable, packed with top tech and, unlike other controllers, doesn’t require a constant supply of batteries.

The only problem is that most PS4 consoles, such as the new PlayStation 4 Slim and 4K PS4 Pro, only come with one DualShock 4 pad, which means if you want to play against friends and family at home you’re going to need to buy a second, third or even fourth pad! And, what’s more, these pads don’t come cheap at RRP, so scoring a good deal is essential.

The latest DualShock is a massive improvement on the last iteration and the best pad PlayStation’s ever produced. Sturdy and reassuringly weighty in the palm compared to the always-a-bit-light-for-us DualShock 3, its surprising sleekness is married to a textured coating on the base and dual sticks that aid grip.

Luckily, this page is designed just for you. We’re listing all of the current best, cheapest DualShock 4 deals so that you can always find the cheapest price. The below widget lists the absolute cheapest prices but click the link below if you want to find DualShock 4 deals in specific colours.

Instagram Stories Gets Live Video Broadcasts, Instagram Direct Gets Disappearing Messages

Instagram Stories Gets Live Video Broadcasts, Instagram Direct Gets Disappearing MessagesFacebook-owned Instagram ramped up the pressure on Snapchat on Monday, adding ephemeral live video broadcasts and vanishing direct messages.

“Send anything you want, from inside jokes to your worst selfies,” Instagram said in a blog post.

“Unlike other messages in Direct, these photos and videos disappear from your friends’ inboxes after they have seen them.”

The updates appeared aimed at getting people to use Instagram more for casual, quirky moments instead of seeing it as a platform for sharing life highlights or polished posts meant to linger.

“Now, you can send disappearing photos and videos directly to groups and individual friends in a spontaneous, pressure-free way,” Instagram said.

instagram live videos screenshots Instagram Live Videos

The option to broadcast live on Instagram follows in the footsteps of a Facebook Live feature, and is a challenge to Twitter real-time video streaming service Periscope.
Instagram live video broadcasts are not saved, so can only be viewed while they are taking place “so you can feel more comfortable sharing anything, anytime,” according to the photo and video sharing service.
Instagram said that more than 300 million of its approximately half-a-billion users around the world use its Direct messaging monthly.

Facebook last week said that it has bought facial recognition startup FacioMetrics, potentially using the technology for photo or video effects to better challenge rival Snapchat.

Silicon Valley-based Facebook did not disclose financial terms of the deal to buy FacioMetrics, which was founded in 2015 and specializes in using artificial intelligence to give facial image analysis capabilities to applications that run on smartphones.

instagram live videos screenshots 1 Instagram live videos

Using FacioMetrics to let users of Facebook, or subsidiaries such as Instagram, have fun with photos or video could be a counter-move to those kinds of features offered in “filters” at vanishing message service Snapchat.

Parent company Snap estimates it has more than 100 million users globally of the service for sending videos, images and text messages which vanish after being viewed. Some reports say it generates 10 billion video views per day.

Since trying unsuccessfully to buy Southern California-based Snapchat several years ago, Facebook has turned to cloning popular features.

Oracle to Buy Internet Infrastructure Provider Dyn for Undisclosed Amount

Oracle to Buy Internet Infrastructure Provider Dyn for Undisclosed AmountOracle on Monday announced it is buying Dyn, a Web traffic management firm recently hit with a cyber-attack that closed off the Internet to millions of users.

Business software and hardware titan Oracle did not disclose financial terms of the deal to acquire US-based Dynamic Network Services Inc, or Dyn.

Oracle planned to enhance its own offerings with Dyn’s expertise in monitoring, controlling, and optimizing cloud-based Internet applications and managing online traffic.

“Dyn’s immensely scalable and global DNS is a critical core component and a natural extension to our cloud computing platform,” Oracle product development president Thomas Kurian said in a release.

Dyn was the target of cyber-attacks that pounded the underpinnings of the Internet in October, crippling Twitter, Netflix and other major websites with the help of once-dumb devices made smart with online connections.

The onslaught incapacitated a crucial piece of Internet infrastructure, taking aim at a service entrusted to guide online traffic to the right places by turning website names people know into addresses computers understand.

The hacker was probably a disgruntled gamer, an expert whose company closely monitored the attack said last week.

Dale Drew, chief security officer for Level 3 Communications, which mapped out how the October 21 attack took place, told a Congressional panel that the person had rented time on a botnet – a network of web-connected machines that can be manipulated with malware – to level the attack.

Using a powerful malicious program known as Mirai, the attacker harnessed some 150,000 “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices such as cameras, lightbulbs and appliances to overwhelm Dyn systems, according to Drew.

Dyn has more than 3,500 customers including Netflix, Twitter, and CNBC, making tens of billions of online traffic optimizing decisions daily, according to Oracle.

Maintain Your Apps Using App Store Optimization

Apps are the emerging trend now and each and every day, the number of apps added to the app marketplaces such as the IOS and the Google Play store increases. The people those who are creating the apps want that their apps to be downloaded by a maximum number of people. For this, the app creators should have to ensure that their app must be very efficient. The app store course is such a course that can ensure the efficiency of the apps.

Image result for Maintain Your Apps Using App Store Optimization

What the course is about?

The created apps can be effectively maintained by theApp store Optimization Course. This course teaches the participants the practical and theory approaches to learn how to use the app store optimization.Further, you can increase the capacity and efficiency of the apps through this course. At the end of this course, the participants will know about the keywords, localization and other techniques to optimize their app listing to attract traffic and to considerably increase the downloads of their apps.

Who can do this course?

This certification course is best fitted for the following professionals and they can experience more benefits in this course,

  • Mobile app developers
  • Mobile game app developers
  • Publishers
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • And even by students those who wish to become an app developer

The course objectives

In this course, the participants will gain the following objectives,

  • They will learn about how to make their mobile app more visible and to increase the number of downloads
  • They can learn how to use the keywords in the best way and how to frame titles to put their app at the top of the search engine’s ranking
  • They can learn about localization strategies that will get them downloads in non-English speaking countries
  • They can learn how to choose the correct visual icons for their apps

For earning more visits, a website should be optimized and readable.Thewebsite owners and developers should maintain their website at the top of the search engine. There are many certification training courses are available for SEO. This SEO certification will make the people develop and maintain their site in a profitable manner.

What the course is about?

The SEO Training helps the people to gain and develop the knowledge about the how to utilize the skills to use the keyword and it will impart the professionals regarding how to obtain latent users to their website. This training is particularly used to obtain the complete knowledge about the keyword usage and how to boost the visibility of the online website. The participants will learn about how a particular search engine works and how to use it effectively to build the websites.

Who can do this course?

It is important to know whether or not the course can do make some sense to your career. Otherwise, it is of no use in doing the course. The following professionals can do the course,

  • Students
  • Business Owners
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

At the end of the course, the participants can get the course certification.

Microsoft Forces Windows Defender on Users, Disables Third-Party Security Apps: Kaspersky

Microsoft Forces Windows Defender on Users, Disables Third-Party Security Apps: KasperskyRussia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has reportedly opened an investigation into Microsoft on receiving a complaint from Internet security company, Kaspersky Lab. Microsoft is alleged to force its own Windows Defender on Windows 10 users while disabling third-party security software.

According to the security company, Microsoft is using its dominating position in the market of operating systems to give an upper hand to its own products over others. “The company is foisting its Defender on the user, which isn’t beneficial from the point of view of protection of a computer against cyber-attacks. The company is also creating obstacles for companies to access the market, and infringes upon the interests of independent developers of security products,” wrote Eugene Kaspersky in a blog post.

ZDNet points out that Microsoft is said to violating Part 1 Article 10 of the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition” which states, “the actions (omission to act) of an economic unit occupying a dominant position which result or can result in barring, restricting or eliminating competition and (or) infringe upon the interests of other persons shall be prohibited.”
Microsoft has been also alleged to “automatically and without any warning deactivate” the already installed security software on the system. “When you upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft automatically and without any warning deactivates all ‘incompatible’ security software and in its place installs… you guessed it – its own Defender antivirus,” added Kaspersky in his post.
Further adding, the blog post gave several examples how Microsoft is pushing its users to use Windows Defender instead of third-party software.

Kaspersky adds that Microsoft has limited the possibility of “independent developers” to warn users about their licenses expiring in the first three days after expiration. “Actually, a warning is there, but it’s buried in a Windows Security Center notification, which hardly ever gets read,” notes the blog. Unfortunately, Microsoft is yet to respond to the claims made by Kaspersky.

In a statement, Deputy Head of FAS Anatoly Golomolzin (via SoftPedia) said, “Since Microsoft itself develops antivirus software – Windows Defender that switches on automatically if third-party software fails to adapt to Windows 10 in due time, such actions lead to unreasonable advantages for Microsoft on the software market. Our task is to ensure equal conditions for all participants on this market.”

Looking for Working ATMs? Here’s How Social Media Can Help

Looking for Working ATMs? Here's How Social Media Can HelpIf you’re reading this, it probably means you are among the millions of Indians currently struggling to find cash. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s crackdown on black money has inconvenienced many, what with most ATMs being out of service since the announcement and huge queues at banks to withdraw cash. ATM hopping can be a recipe for constant disappointment and to avoid that, you can use the Internet.

Social media is probably the best tool for crowdsourcing information on working ATMs and it’s not surprising to see people helping others out on these platforms. We’ve already seen how effective social media can be during the Chennai floods and for distributing food to the needy. The good people of Twitter and Facebook are helping out once again.

Three main hashtags are being used on Facebook and Twitter – #WorkingATMs, #ATMsWithCash, and #ATMsNearYou. We checked all these hashtags on both websites and found a fair share of legitimate reports, based on replies to tweets or posts on Facebook. It goes without saying that you should verify these claims before heading to the ATM mentioned.
Another alternative is to use crowdsourced websites such as ATM Search to check if there’s any cash in ATMs near you. The website wasn’t working very well when we checked it, probably because of heavy traffic, but you can always try your luck to see if it works. Once again we’d warn against trusting any of this data without verifying it. Always ask around before you head to a remote location just for an ATM.

Will Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 notes demonetisation sway Indians away from cash? We discuss this on Orbital: The Gadgets 360 Podcast. You can either subscribe to via iTunes or RSS or just hit the play button below.

The Popular Working of DecaDurabolin 300

The trade name given to nandrolone is the injectable and the potent DecaDurabolin 300. This is the simplest form of the anabolic substance and it perfectly helps the user to have the amount of hard muscle gaining. The same is also required for having an increase in strength and the solution will help the user have a faster recovery this time. There is no doubt regarding the legal version of the formula. It exists in various formats and this is the apt one to promote rapid and effective muscle synthesis. The solution also helps in the method of protein construction and you have more things to know about the supplemental variety.

Image result for The Popular Working of Deca Durabolin 300

Increasing Effects of the Supplement

DecaDurabolin 300 causes an increase in the amount of human strength and it is required for better recovery and endurance. The solution can be used properly for apt muscle gaining within the specified period of thirty days. In certain cases, the chemical is being a. However, when the chemical seems insufficient, then it is time for an external intake of the supplement. In fact, the injectable form of the supplement should be used alternatively for the best effect on the health. The supplement comes with the prolong usage life and this one is quite popular in case of children.

Judging the Anabolic Traits of the Solution

None can deny the anabolic nature of DecaDurabolin 300. It is workable and functional at the same time. The solution is used for the production of the lean mass and this takes place after the time of muscle atrophy. The same is used for the treatment of advanced breast cancer and osteoporosis. In case, you are losing weight due to the physiological ailment, the medicine will work at the best to help you step out of the adversity and it even helps in the normal restoration of the weight.

Expecting the Right Supplemental Action

One can expect more things from the supplement. The solution helps in curing fragility and it also serves right in the case of geriatric conditions. It can help in trauma recovery and the supplement serves as the best solution in curing burns. There are more things to treat with the implementation of DecaDurabolin 300. It can take care of ulcers and anemia and it is also the right one for the reason of stunted development and growth in children. One can know about the typical concentration of the solution. This is sure to help in the process of recovery.

Sufficing the Supplemental Insufficiency

The chemical form of the solution is known to be produced naturally by the body. In case, the human body is incapable of producing the same then one has to depend on the external consumption of the solution. However, based on the success of the supplemental application the same has been approved by the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration. Recent findings say that usage of DecaDurabolin 300 can treat patients with anemia, HIV, and AIDS. This is the right variety to aid in the recovery of the loss of the muscle mass.

Why Hiring Internet Marketing Company Gets Results

Summary: Hiring an Internet marketing company is simply smart business.  Consumers want fast-paced information and mostly stories that are catered to them, appealing to their needs and wants.  There are several advantages of outsourcing marketing needs to qualified experts, including strategy planning and time efficiency.

Image result for Why Hiring Internet Marketing Company Gets Results

Every business, no matter how secure or niche needs to have an active marketing campaign in place.  Modern business considers internet marketing to be the most cost-effective way to advertise, not to mention the best way to target a campaign to reach the most receptive base of customers.

A business that manufactures a product or sells services would have a special interest in finding an internet marketing company that understands the product, the market, and the right audience.

Fast information characterises Internet marketing.  A viewer visits a new page at a site in a flash and is quickly on his/her merry way to find other news and highlight.  Within that timeframe is when the merchant must capture interest.  One recent statistical finding suggested that most blog readers spend 15 seconds or less on any given posts and less than three seconds skimming article headlines and images before deciding to read.

People don’t read unless the internet marketing company makes some connection during the preview.  The competition is also fierce.  There are nearly seven million active web blogs and an estimated twelve million social media-tied blogs, which means companies are competing against a vast sea of competitors.

Now more than ever companies must stand out from the competition using videos, viral pages and punchy writing, and that “extra” that motivate web viewers to click.

The Value of Professional Marketing

Most companies do not have a dedicated marketing department, particularly small businesses that are just getting started.  They may find it cost-efficient to outsource their marketing needs to an internet marketing company.

While some enthusiastic entrepreneurs may want to play master marketer themselves, this is a taxing job.  If they lack vision and structure, they will probably not accomplish all – if any – of their goals.

Hiring a marketing agency to market products or service can ensure you,

  • Meet set expectations
  • Constantly target new customers
  • Remain on budget
  • Return On Investment that keeps new businesses afloat

Hiring an expert marketer, or even a team of marketers, gives the advantage of experience and strategic follow through.  It frees time for a company owner to focus on quality control and other issues.

One often-underestimated advantage of enlisting professional help is access to greater technology since marketing companies use the latest software.

Meanwhile, companies can cut down on staff training costs, mistakes that result from a human error (since marketing teams understand the most common mistakes to avoid), and stay current with the latest marketing trends.

Most company owners don’t realise that marketing agencies have scalable plans that can match a client’s budget. Therefore, if low budgeting is the primary concern, scalable marketing means lower investment.

Hiring professional marketing services can only improve revenue and help organise the future of a new company.  Since most new businesses fail within three to five years, there is very little to lose in creating a budget for marketing, but indeed, there is much to gain if the company begins to reach profitability.  Marketing is not a luxury, but a need!