Steroids and their effects on human

Synthetic steroids are drugs that are externally injected or consumed in form of pills or capsules for various reasons. People use these drugs for various purpose – for growth related issues on the medical ground, to treat some rare diseases on medical ground, to gain weight and lose weight, to bulk up and many other reasons. Somehow, these drugs have become an integral part of human life and unavoidable by many. Many professionals such as bodybuilders and weight lifters constantly use steroids though there are several warnings issued against these products in various countries. Many users use these products illegally without medical grounds and without a prescription thus risking their chances with their health.

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Common side effects and ways to prevent them

Illegal usage of these drugs by many people for their own personal gain has led to several issues in the past. Increased dosage, prolonged usage of a particular drug, irregularity in the intake of these drugs all these lead to many complications. Many complications start with minor issues like a headache, rash around injection site if the dosage is taken as injections, insomnia, and nausea. Users will have to be cautious and keep an eye on how these side effects react. If the user is new to these drugs, then these could be just settling effect and the user can wait for a week or so to check how their body reacts. If the effects seem to increase or not tolerable it is advisable and safe to visit a physician as soon as possible and check on the dosage and other things. Thus, a user needs to watch out for any new symptoms that are uncomfortable with and deal with it carefully. Else, these minor issues could lead to severe effects. Some of these drugs have the capability to directly affect liver, heart and the central nervous system. So, the users will have to watch out for all these symptoms before it advances.

Human Growth Hormone and usage

HGH or human growth hormone is one of the famous drugs that is used both on medical and non-medical grounds. It is illegal to use many drugs on human and especially without a valid prescription on non-medical grounds. But there are people like weightlifters, athletes, and bodybuilders who keep using these drugs without a prescription and proper supervision. More often, these people suffer due to some or the other side effects throughout their life due to wrong intake and dosage variations. Many countries do have a strict law with respect to these drugs. Countries like the U.S, Mexico and New Zealand are offering severe punishment for users who use these drugs without a valid prescription.

Legal options and availability

As told, many countries do offer many punishments and possession of these drugs in large quantities are treated as a criminal offense in many countries. But, countries like India have a relaxed attitude towards dealing with these drugs. Thus, the availability of these drugs in India is highly possible and viewed as an easy option while in other parts it is not. Users, however, should be aware there could be some side effects such as vomiting, sleeping disorder, rash around the injection site and headaches if they are using a drug for the first time. But if any of these symptoms prolong or increase, it is better to visit a physician as early as possible.

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