Five foods that help you remain fit, healthy and active

New Delhi: In today’s world we have to be fit and healthy in order to cope with the ever-mounting pressures of a globalised life. Exercising in the gym and gardening alone won’t keep you fit. You are what you eat and it is imperative you consume healthy foods.

Eating food rich in carbohydrate, proteins, minerals and vitamins after exercising make helps you boost your immunity.

Here are some foods that will help you to stay fit and energised throughout the day:

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. There are different types of apples available in the market. Apples contain essential fibres, carbs and vitamins. You can use apple in salad, juice, smoothies to avoid boredom of eating an apple as it is.

Five foods that help you remain fit, healthy and activeEggs:
An egg is one of the most loved foods for athletes. Eggs contain high amount of protein. You can eat an egg at any time of the day. It provides you all the protein that a body needs to repair.

Drinking a glass of milk in the morning is very good as it contains calcium, proteins and hydrating properties which help your body get energised. You can have a glass of milk before going to bed as it helps your body to get the rest it needs. You can add fruits to milk and have healthy shakes.

Chicken Breast:
Chicken Breast contains protein and it supports muscle development.

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