Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay Leaked Before EA E3 2017 Event

tar Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay saw an early, unofficial reveal courtesy YouTube user Mjolnir. This comes hours before EA Play – the company’s event that runs parallel to E3 2017. The video has since been taken down by EA but it has been uploaded to other channels.

Appearing with a ‘sponsored by EA’ watermark at the beginning, it seems that it was uploaded ahead of schedule. Official footage should show up at EA Play 2017.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay Leaked Before EA E3 2017 EventNonetheless, the leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 footage reveals multiplayer gameplay as Darth Maul, Rey, and Boba Fett duking it out. There’s a variety of abilities on display and long-time Star Wars fans would find plenty to revel in from Fett’s jetpack to Maul’s dual lightsaber.

And while multiplayer gameplay is par for the course in the series’ recent avatar, we hope EA sheds some light on what to expect for those interested in Star Wars Battlefront 2’s single-player campaign.

Prior to this EA did mention that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta will take place in Fall. Hopefully we get an exact release date sooner rather than later. Keep in mind that you’d need to pre-order the game to get access.

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