What are the Different Variants of Rummy that are Popular around the World?

Rummy, the incredible card game that has been played around the world since centuries has been online since quite a few years. It has been more than two decades since the first rummy playing website was brought up on the internet. Since then, there had been a massive increase in the number of rummy websites and the players joining these websites to play it online. The game of rummy has gone through different transformations over the years and this is the reason why different forms of rummy are played across different parts of the world.

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Different Variants of Rummy Played Around the World

If you are looking to play different variants of rummy that are played around different parts of the world then here is the list of 4 most popular variants.

Contract Rummy

The contract rummy is one of the most popular variants of rummy game that is played between three to eight players most of the times. The players play each other in seven deals. The number of cards that you will receive in each deal will be different from the other deals in the match. You need to create valid sets and sequences in the game to win the deal. The point calculation in the contract rummy is different from other variants of the rummy game.The face cards in this game equal to 10 points and around 15 points are awarded for the Joker and Ace cards.

Shanghai Rummy

The Shanghai Rummy finds its origin from the country of China. It is the hybrid of Gin Rummy and Contract Rummy. Still, it is a bit different from contract rummy as the contract rummy involves just 7 deals while the Shanghai rummy involves around 10 deals. Another difference between the two is that a player can buy card without his/her turn by discarding any of his cards and picking other from the pile. The Joker card can also be used in the place of missing card in the sets of 4 or 3 cards, but cannot be used in the larger sets.

Gin Rummy

The Gin rummy is one on one variant of this stunning game and is the perfect choice for the people who are looking to start their rummy career. You are required to score 100 points as soon as possible. The scoring of points in Gin Rummy is a bit different as compared to the classical version of this game. The Ace card, which is used as low priority card is not meld with the Queen and King cards. The Deadwoods (unmatched cards) could be discarded for reducing the impact if you suffer any loss in the game.

Dummy Rummy

This form of rummy is very different from all other variants of the rummy game. Every player is dealt with 13 cards and the joker wild card is fixed as ‘2’. This means that the card with the rank 2 in every suit can act as joker in the game along with the usual joker cards. To win this game, you need to discard all the cards you are dealt with before any of your opponents do so. You need to create valid sequences and sets available in the game to win this game. Once a player finishes his/her card set, the other players are penalized on the basis of number of cards that are remaining with them. The player left with the least points on the end of 12 rounds win the game.

The Last Words

These were some of the most popular variants of rummy that are played in different parts of the world by millions of people. There are many more variants of rummy that can thoroughly enjoyed by the players. The game of rummy is getting immensely popular with each passing day. More and more players are joining the rummy websites with every passing day to play this exotic game online. Join any of the rummy website and play your favorite rummy variant online with thousands of other players who are associated with the website.

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