New Technique to Identify ‘IMSI Catchers’ That Pretend to Be Cell Towers

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new system called SeaGlass that helps detect cell phone surveillance by modelling a city’s cellular landscape and identifying suspicious anomalies.

Cell phones are vulnerable to attacks from rogue cellular transmitters called International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers, also known as cell-site simulators or Stingrays, surveillance devices that can precisely locate mobile phones, eavesdrop on conversations or send spam, Xinhua news agency reported.

Cell-site simulators work by pretending to be a legitimate cell tower that a phone would normally communicate with, and tricking the phone into sending back identifying information about its location and how it is communicating.

Described in a in the journal Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, the new system was deployed during a two-month period with SeaGlass sensors installed in ride-sharing vehicles in Seattle and Milwaukee, resulting in the identification of dozens of anomalies consistent with patterns one might expect from cell-site simulators.

“Up until now the use of IMSI-catchers around the world has been shrouded in mystery, and this lack of concrete information is a barrier to informed public discussion,” said co-lead author Peter Ney.

“Having additional, independent and credible sources of information on cell-site simulators is critical to understanding how – and how responsibly – they are being used,” Ney added.

While law enforcement teams in the US have used the technology to locate people of interest and to find equipment used in the commission of crimes, cyber criminals are deploying them worldwide, especially as models become more affordable.

New Technique to Identify 'IMSI Catchers' That Pretend to Be Cell TowersTo catch these IMSI-catchers in the act, SeaGlass uses sensors built from off-the-shelf parts that can be installed in vehicles, ideally ones that drive long hours and to many parts of a city, such as ridesharing vehicles.

The sensors pick up signals broadcast from the existing cell tower network, which remain fairly constant.

Then SeaGlass aggregates that data over time to create a baseline map of “normal” cell tower behaviour.

The research team developed algorithms and other methods to detect irregularities in the cellular network that can expose the presence of a simulator.

These include a strong signal in an odd spot or at an odd frequency that has never been there before, “temporary” towers that disappear after a short time and signal configurations that are different from what a carrier would normally transmit.

Ericsson Mobility Report Sees Growth in Data Traffic, VoLTE Subscriptions in India by 2022

As we enter a time where the most popular term in technology today is the Internet of Things, that is expected to surpass mobile phones as the largest category of connected devices by 2018, we now also see the beginnings of 5G network deployment that will look to support IoT, and a growing need for enhanced mobile broadband capabilities, according to a new report by Ericsson.

The recent approval of the Non-Standalone 5G New Radio (NR) that will enable early 5G deployment, will help achieve more than half a billion 5G subscriptions by 2022, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report 2017. Companies such as Verizon have begun 5G trials in the US, while Indian telecom operators are also expected to adopt 5G technology this year.

But before 5G takes over, Ericsson sees 4G, or LTE, will overtake GSM by 2018 to become the dominant access technology, making it the fastest growing mobile technology in history, having already covered 2.5 billion people within five years.

Ericsson estimates around 29 billion connected devices by 2022, out of which 18 billion will be related to IoT. Furthermore, it sees over 1 million new mobile broadband subscribers being added each day to reach around 2.6 billion by 2022. Data growth is at its highest since 2013, thanks to a massive growth in India.

Ericsson Mobility Report Sees Growth in Data Traffic, VoLTE Subscriptions in India by 2022India specific growth

Ericsson on Wednesday released its Ericsson Mobility Report 2017, India Annexure, which reports specific trends in mobile traffic, subscriptions, consumer behavior, and technology uptake in the country. Mobile subscription base in India crossed 1.2 billion in Jan 2017 and is expected to increase by 4 percent, crossing 1.4 billion by 2022. One of the main reasons behind the uptick in subscriptions is the downpour of tariff offers by telcos, after Reliance Jio’s entry.

Lower tariff plans for higher data in recent months have also led to an increased amount of data consumption. According to the report, 1 exabyte (1 exabyte is 1 billion gigabytes) of traffic per month is consumed in India and is expected to grow to 8EB per month by 2022. Currently, an average of 4GB per month is consumed by an active Indian smartphone, but Ericsson sees the number rise to 11GB by 2022. 191 million cellular IoT devices by 2022.

Some of the other reasons driving data traffic includes and increased distribution, and consumption of video and multimedia services as well as growth in mobile banking transactions and digital payments, the latter of which can be credited in part to demonetisation.

Consumer behavior and VoLTE adoption in India

But data traffic and subscribers uptake mostly boil down to the performance of mobile broadband in India, and Ericsson says that consumers have four main indices on to measure and evaluate network performance: time taken to upload pictures to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, time taken to open a web page, time taken for a video to buffer or load and download time for email attachments.

“As new apps continue to emerge and usage behavior evolves, network performance will play a more important role in determining smartphone users’ loyalty towards their operators in the future. In fact, mobile broadband experience in India is five times more effective in driving loyalty than tariff structure and pricing,” says Nitin Bansal, Head of Network Products, Ericsson India.

To put it down in numbers, Ericsson’s report expects smartphone subscriptions to reach 890 million by 2022 in India alone and will account for 60 percent of total mobile subscriptions in the country. As of 2016, 70 percent of all mobiles subscription are on GSM technology, and the report foresees that by the next five years, 85 percent will be on LTE and WCDMA/ HSPA technologies.

The increasing adoption of 4G will also drive VoLTE subscriptions, which is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2022, out of which 370 million is expected to come from India. The report also reveals that 4G users are nearly 1.5 times more satisfied than 3G users, when it comes to data centric services such as video load times while streaming.

The report also highlights the benefits of VoLTE, which includes improved voice quality, high traffic capacity at lower cost, enhanced coverage, long battery life, video calling (ViLTE) from native dialer, among other things. “VoLTE represents a great opportunity for telecom operators in India who are looking to route voice calls over 4G LTE networks enabling lower cost per minute for voice calls as well as free up legacy spectrum bands for re-farming,” states Bansal.

TRAI Says Telcos Want It to Fix Minimum Price for Voice Calls, Data

Telecom regulator TRAI on Thursday said certain operators have suggested fixation of minimum floor price for voice and data services. Fixing of a floor price by TRAI, if it happens, could end the days of free voice and data offers for consumers by operators.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Chairman R S Sharma said this is a new idea that has come from some operators, and will be examined by the regulator.

“We have not formed any view of this. We are open and consultative,” he added.

He, however, did not comment on whether the suggestion had been made by incumbent operators. Sharma admitted that floor price may be contrary to TRAI’s stance of forbearance on tariffs, but said minimum price issue will have to be “deliberated”.

He said the operators had argued that telcos offering below cost tariffs to consumers over a period of time may harm the industry and its financials and therefore, were rooted for a minimum floor price.

He added that other suggestions from operators included rationalisation of GST, reduction in licence fee and spectrum usage charges and extending the deferred spectrum payment liabilities over a longer period.

While TRAI has already given its suggestions on a number of matters, including licence fee reduction, the proposals given by operators today fall under three broad areas – IUC, tariff principles and ease of doing business, all of which are under consultation by the regulator, Sharma said.

TRAI Says Telcos Want It to Fix Minimum Price for Voice Calls, DataThe incumbent operators have been vocal about the onslaught of free voice and data offers by the aggressive newcomer Reliance Jio (RJio) and its impact on the industry’s revenue in FY2016-17.

Reliance Jio earlier this week, however, ascribed the financial stress in the telecom sector to existing operators like Bharti Airtel and Idea running businesses on debt and investing heavily in unrelated sectors.

BlackBerry Says Its New Solution Can Help Businesses Monitor WhatsApp Chats

To enable financial institutions monitor data on WhatsApp and other encrypted messaging platforms in line with the upcoming European Union (EU) directive, BlackBerry has partnered with the leading mobile surveillance and compliance firm VoxSmart.

Together with BlackBerry UEM (Unified Endpoint Management), which connects and manages endpoints, VoxSmart’s ‘VSmart’ will provide financial services firms with the ability to capture, record, store and analyse mobile voice, text and third-party instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and WeChat.

“Together with VoxSmart, we can enable businesses around the world to effortlessly capture conversations on endpoints including smartphones, wearables, tablets and laptops,” said Florian Bienvenu, Senior Vice President of EMEA Sales, BlackBerry.

“This joint solution is an excellent example of how BlackBerry is leveraging its software portfolio and developing strong partnerships to secure the Enterprise of Things,” Bienvenu added in a statement.

The companies have partnered to help financial services firms comply on time with the European Union’s “Markets in Financial Instruments Directive” (‘MiFID II’).

BlackBerry Says Its New Solution Can Help Businesses Monitor WhatsApp ChatsMiFID II, which comes into effect on January 3, 2018, demands that all financial services firms in Europe must keep records of all services, activities and transactions for at least five years.

Records include all electronic and instant messaging communications, telephone conversations and text messages related to or intended to conclude in a transaction, even if one does not occur.

The directive seeks to make financial markets in Europe more resilient, transparent and investor-friendly.

“VoxSmart is the only global mobile compliance solution that can capture, record, store and analyse both voice and third party instant message applications such as WhatsApp and WeChat,” said Oliver Blower, CEO, VoxSmart.

“Our partnership with BlackBerry has already led to additional proofs of concept exercises from other global investment banks and financial services firms, who are seeing the MiFID II Directive as a chance to refine their approach to mobile security and compliance,” Blower added.

Already successfully deployed to several global investment banks and trading houses, VSmart provides a perfect balance between user experience and compliance, securing and enabling regulated users, all while adhering to stringent global regulations.

Google Play Now Has an ‘Android Excellence’ Section With Curated Apps and Games

Google has introduced a new section in Google Play store called ‘Android Excellence’. This section is meant to promote apps that have great design, performance, or follow the best practices given by the search giant itself. The newly introduced Android Excellence section can be found in the revamped Editor’s Choice section and promotes content and provides recognition to the apps that follow “best practices,” as per the company.

The move comes a week after Apple announced that it’s completely revamping the App Store with iOS 11 to place greater focus on manual curation of apps, with daily updates in the form of lists, developer stories, and more.

“The new collections will showcase apps and games that deliver incredible user experiences on Android, use many of our best practices, and have great design, technical performance, localisation, and device optimisation,” Google said in its blog post.

Google Play Now Has an 'Android Excellence' Section With Curated Apps and GamesGoogle says that the Android Excellence collections will be refreshed quarterly. Currently, some of the notable mentions in the first round Android Excellence Games include Hitman GO, Pictionary, Riptide GP: Renegade, and Toca Blocks. On the other hand, some of the noteworthy names in Android Excellence Apps include Evernote, Memrise, Pocket, and Skyscanner.

As the lists will be refreshed after a considerable time, it might not be the best place to find great new apps or games but the entries that make this list are likely to get abundance of promotion and exposure. This is likely to prove as a great incentive for app developers to follow the guidelines provided by Google for Android apps.

Why Purchasing Ergonomic Office Chairs Wholesale Makes Sense

If it is time to begin replacing old and worn office chairs, finding a source for ergonomic designs at wholesale prices can be the best way to go. These types of office chairs are created to allow comfort and full back muscle support for employees that spend hours each day working at a desk. Below are a few of the benefits that wholesale ergonomic office chairs offer you and your employees.

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Monetary Savings

Being able to buy quality ergonomic office chairs at wholesale pricing will save your company quite a bit of money. Individually, an ergonomic office chair can be expensive. Adding the savings by buying in bulk brings the chairs down to an affordable price for most medium to large companies. Much like any office supply you purchase, buying in higher quantities allows the source to offer you the best deals possible on pricing.

Uniform Look to the Office Environment

Catching a sale here and there on ergonomic office chairs might ultimately save you money, but you end up with a very disengaged and fragmented office scene. Nothing matches and it all looks like yard sale left-overs. If having a uniform look and feel to your office is important, buying the ergonomic office chairs wholesale makes more sense.

Health and Well-Being of Employees

Ergonomically designed office chairs are made to reduce swelling and muscle strain in the back of employees that are working in sedentary positions. You can realistically reduce the incidences of call-outs due to back problems by furnishing more ergonomic chair options.

Improve Employee Morale

The fact that your company cares enough to furnish ergonomic office chairs goes a long way in improving employee morale. It is an unexpected benefit that is looking after their health and comfort on a daily basis. The process helps cultivate increased company loyalty and employee retention.

Productivity Boost

When office employees feel well and comfortable, productivity can go through the roof. The hours will not continue to crawl by slowly for the newly focused employee. The ability to worry less about daily aches and pains allows the team to place their energy into the project at hand.

Contact office furniture experts like Office Furniture Direct to find out how affordable wholesale computer chairs are today!

Best Casino Across Detroit River, Canada

Windsor is one of the old casinos situated across Detroit River. The Caesar’s Windsor casino was established for the gamers to enjoy their favorite casino games in the Las Vegas casino environment. Casinos in Las Vegas are popular across the globe for its high standard. Windsor casino is the best gambling venue for residents of Ontario and other people of Canada. It also whole heartedly welcomes anyone who is a visitor of the region. Casinos are a welcome sight for gamblers. They love to see great casinos in a nearby area around them thus Windsor is so in hype.

Image result for Best Casino Across Detroit River, Canada

About the in land casino

Caesar’s Windsor casino is one of Ontario’s largest and most luxurious casino venues. It has endless gaming opportunity and residents take full advantage by indulging in it. A large percentage of the crowd involve themselves to play poker. Other variations of poker are Omaha poker, seven card stud etc with table limits and no limit poker. There are tournaments organized each day and monthly tournaments too.

The slot rooms consist of multiple slot machines for the gamers. They range from penny to dollar slots. You can enjoy a drink while you play too. The casino also features competitive activity for sports enthusiasts at the legendary sports bar. Betting activities involve American Professional Football, Pro Baseball, American College Basketball etc. You can win a maximum of 75000 credits for no deposit gambling entertainment. Total rewards for $10 food credits, cash give away, free seats etc.

The online casino

Playing at the casino gives a super casino experience and excitement but it is understandable if you are unable to visit the place. You can enjoy your favorite gambling games at the Caesar’s Windsor online site with real money. It can be played in any computer, laptop or mobile. Just create a cash account and download the application to get started. Relax at home and play the latest gambling games. It connects to all wifi or other connecting devices. On the Real Mode you can stake real money to get returns on your investments.

Play today

You no longer need to worry about anything else. The site is safe for use. All payment details are kept secured and fair play is encouraged. Windsor both live and online is supervised under International gaming agencies to ensure confidentiality. Hope you have a great time.

Steroids and their effects on human

Synthetic steroids are drugs that are externally injected or consumed in form of pills or capsules for various reasons. People use these drugs for various purpose – for growth related issues on the medical ground, to treat some rare diseases on medical ground, to gain weight and lose weight, to bulk up and many other reasons. Somehow, these drugs have become an integral part of human life and unavoidable by many. Many professionals such as bodybuilders and weight lifters constantly use steroids though there are several warnings issued against these products in various countries. Many users use these products illegally without medical grounds and without a prescription thus risking their chances with their health.

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Common side effects and ways to prevent them

Illegal usage of these drugs by many people for their own personal gain has led to several issues in the past. Increased dosage, prolonged usage of a particular drug, irregularity in the intake of these drugs all these lead to many complications. Many complications start with minor issues like a headache, rash around injection site if the dosage is taken as injections, insomnia, and nausea. Users will have to be cautious and keep an eye on how these side effects react. If the user is new to these drugs, then these could be just settling effect and the user can wait for a week or so to check how their body reacts. If the effects seem to increase or not tolerable it is advisable and safe to visit a physician as soon as possible and check on the dosage and other things. Thus, a user needs to watch out for any new symptoms that are uncomfortable with and deal with it carefully. Else, these minor issues could lead to severe effects. Some of these drugs have the capability to directly affect liver, heart and the central nervous system. So, the users will have to watch out for all these symptoms before it advances.

Human Growth Hormone and usage

HGH or human growth hormone is one of the famous drugs that is used both on medical and non-medical grounds. It is illegal to use many drugs on human and especially without a valid prescription on non-medical grounds. But there are people like weightlifters, athletes, and bodybuilders who keep using these drugs without a prescription and proper supervision. More often, these people suffer due to some or the other side effects throughout their life due to wrong intake and dosage variations. Many countries do have a strict law with respect to these drugs. Countries like the U.S, Mexico and New Zealand are offering severe punishment for users who use these drugs without a valid prescription.

Legal options and availability

As told, many countries do offer many punishments and possession of these drugs in large quantities are treated as a criminal offense in many countries. But, countries like India have a relaxed attitude towards dealing with these drugs. Thus, the availability of these drugs in India is highly possible and viewed as an easy option while in other parts it is not. Users, however, should be aware there could be some side effects such as vomiting, sleeping disorder, rash around the injection site and headaches if they are using a drug for the first time. But if any of these symptoms prolong or increase, it is better to visit a physician as early as possible.

Stay Cool with an Air Conditioning System Tune Up

As the weather starts to get hotter, it is a good idea to give your air conditioning system a tune up. In the same manner, it is good to go have someone go over your heating system prior to winter setting in. Therefore, it is good to have your system checked twice a year to minimize the chances of a malfunction during the times when you need your heating and air conditioning system the most. Your system is designed to keep you comfortable. You need to give it the care it needs so it can continue to do its job in an efficient manner. Places like Air On Time AC can take care of tuning up your system whether it is to keep you cool or to provide you with heating service Kingwood TX.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Stay Cool with an Air Conditioning System Tune Up"

One of the reasons you should schedule regular checkups and preventative maintenance service is because the manufacturer will likely require it in order to maintain warranty coverage. In addition, your HVAC system required a significant investment to have it installed. You will naturally want to take care of it and make it last as long as possible.

The main reason you want regular tune ups is for comfort. Having your air conditioning go out during the heat of the summer can result in some frustrating times. During the tune up, components that are subject to wear will be inspected to make sure they do not need to be replaced. Those things that need to be adjusted or lubricated will be taken care of at the time as well. Freon levels will be checked, and the system will be evaluated to make sure there is nothing to impede the air flow through the ducts.


One thing you can do yourself between tune ups to keep your system operating efficiently is to change the filters regularly. Your air conditioning service company can supply you with high quality filters and show you how to change them, if necessary. Clogged filters make your system work harder. This will result in higher energy bills. It will also make it harder for the system to keep you comfortable. In addition, indoor air quality will suffer.

Whether you are interested in saving on your energy bill, staying comfortable or making your equipment last, you will want to give your heating and air conditioning system the care it needs. taps into lampposts to charge your electric car

If you have a garage with a power socket, an electric car makes an awful lot of sense. If you park on the street, however, the infrastructural challenge of keeping your electron-powered vehicle topped up becomes complicated enough that perhaps sticking to driving on squished dinosaurs makes sense for a while longer. Until comes along, that is.

“Seventy-two percent of drivers in London don’t have off-street parking,” says Richard Stobart, CEO of the London-based “If you want an electric car, not being able to charge at home is a major disincentive.”

So, in a world where people want to drive electric cars, cities are trying to clean up the air and car makers want to sell electric cars, how do you take on the not insignificant challenge of charging car batteries in a dense and fast-moving city such as London? You tap into other, already existing infrastructure, of course.

“People want to charge their cars while they are doing something else, preferably when they are parked at home and asleep in their beds,” Stobart points out, and offers a solution. The company has developed charge points that connect to the existing street furniture: Lampposts. Makes sense: The cables are already there, the local government owns them, and once you’ve gone that far, you may as well make the next couple of logical steps.

“Our vision is that there will be several lampposts near your home with a charge-point that you can park near to charge overnight,” Richard explains. “We are developing a platform to manage the charging too, using a business model not dissimilar from mobile phone contracts. Users pay a monthly fee for access to the charge points and a free allocation of charge.”

The early-stage company is running a pilot program with Richmond Council in London, installing a number of units in Barnes and Kew, with the first charging points appearing later this summer.

“We are trying to create a win-win solution for everyone, not least local government,” says Stobart, addressing part of the challenge of building a marketplace with multiple players. “We are making it seamless and effectively free for the councils and solving the problem of half of all public charge points being out of service.”