Café Macaw: This unique Pakistan restaurant lets you share a meal with exotic birds

Enjoying a delicious meal with exotic birds could possibly be on every bird-lover’s bucket list. But for this, you no longer need a trip to some forest or aviary, just a ticket (and visa) to Pakistan. Yes, Cafe Macaw in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad, has a set of unusual staff members to enthral guests as they wait for their food. After all, waiting for a meal at a restaurant can be boring, but not here.

PAkistan, cafe macaw, cafe macaw islamabad, Bahria Enclave islamabad, unusual restaurant Going by the promotional videos, Bahria Enclave seems to be the epitome of luxury and beauty combined, a world-class society that has a zoo, aviary, and even a water amusement park with dolphins within its premises, along with shopping complexes and schools. And the Cafe Macaw is just a fine addition to that extravaganza in the otherwise residential complex.

This poop-themed restaurant makes ‘shitty’ look cool!

The mere mention of poop is “obnoxious” and “dirty”, isn’t it? Most people would balk at the word itself, but not this restaurateur from Canada. Lien Nguyen clearly thinks it’s a great idea to turn it into the essence of her eatery. Yes, you heard us right, this poop-themed restaurant, known as Poop Café Dessert Bar, has food items that are prepared in the shape of poop.

Cuisines ranging from Thai, Japanese, Korean have become a sensation at the eating house. What’s surprising is that almost all the dishes on its menu are presented in a toilet pot-styled bowl. Lien Nguyen’s concept of serving stool to her customers has managed to successfully create the next big stink in the city!

Narrating her story to the Toronto Star, Nguyen said, “I’m trying to make poop cute!” She also added that she first came across the idea when she was visiting her mom in Taiwan a few years ago.

Food for thought: This Bhilai café employs only transgenders and differently-able people

Food is a source of nourishment for the body, but it’s cafés such as these that give nourishment to the soul, and the society at large. Located in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, this café is winning hearts on the Internet for its unique nature. The ‘Nukkad Teafe’ only employees people with visual and speech impairment along with members of the transgender community.

Well, so if you visit this place, it means more than just having a cup of special chai or clicking pictures of the food for your Instagram. On the contrary, the eatery urges you leave your phone aside and go back to days where one would have a meaningful conversation with strangers. In fact, if you agree to deposit your phone till you are there, they give you a 10 per cent discount on the total bill!

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So, once in Nukkad you could learn how to communicate in sign language, read books, recite poems, meet like-minded people, play board games, make new friends in the real world instead of Facebook and actually live your life!

With decor that is rich is tribal art, scattered cushions to make you all comfy, a guitar in case you wanted to start an impromptu performance, you could also have a varied selection of chais. With an interesting menu designed in such a way that customers can easily spell it using sign language, it’s all about empowering the people who are usually considered weak by the society.