Delhi Metro Now Lets You Use Wristwatches for Payments

Delhi Metro commuters will now be able to wear their smart cards on wrists as DMRC has allowed the use of wristwatches launched by Austrian company LAKS to make payments at the gates.

“These watches (called Watch2Pay) are available through an online e-commerce site. The new facility is expected to provide the commuters a more convenient and fast access to the Delhi Metro network. The commuter will simply have to touch the wristwatch to the screens of the AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) gates at the metro stations to get access,” said a Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) statement.

Delhi Metro Now Lets You Use Wristwatches for PaymentsThe watch will carry a SIM card inside it, which can be removed and reinserted whenever the user wants, like in case when he or she wishes to change the watch.

The SIM-equipped watch can be recharged also like any usual metro smart-card over the counter or through recharge card terminals, a DMRC official told IANS.

In 2015, the same watch company had joined hands with Hyderabad Metro Rail to facilitate payment of fares.

MasterChef brings families together: George Calombaris

“MasterChef Australia” judge George Calombaris says the long-running reality competitive cooking game show has changed the way people look at food, and that it unites families.

The show is back with its ninth season where contestants have to win the judges’ heart and appetite by whipping up lip-smacking dishes. Doesn’t he ever get tired of co-judging multiple contestants, who go through different types of pressure tests?

“I love filming ‘MasterChef’. I love (co-judges) Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston. We are the three amigos. I’m so lucky to be part of this little show called ‘MasterChef’. It resonates with people all over the world and has changed the way people look at food. It brings families together,” Calombaris told IANS in an email interaction from Melbourne.

He promises to be back for another season.

“There will definitely be another season, and I can’t wait! This season there are so many terrific cooks, they just get better and better each year,” he said.

They took the competition to Japan’s Tokyo this year. Why did they leave out India?

“We’ve filmed in many places all over the world. India is somewhere we haven’t got to yet. This all depends on the producers and the sponsors at the end of the day.”

“But I know we’ve got a great audience in India, and I absolutely love visiting the fans there. I usually get there every year,” said Calombaris.

George Calombaris Since he is a frequent flyer to India, did it ever strike to him to get his cuisine — inspired by his Greek and Cypriot heritage — to India?

“I get many offers to open restaurants all over the world, India especially is one I’m asked about all the time. We’ve got some big growth plans here in Australia for the next three years.”

“Once we achieve the goals we have here, our team will certainly look to expand, but it has to be right, the right people, the right relationship, the right partnership. Maybe one day,” said the owner of 10 restaurants in Australia.

The celebrity chef surely knows how to connect with people from different countries through food. But when he jets off to an unknown land, what does he expect from there?

“To taste local, 100 per cent. I love exploring local delicious cuisine, to meet the people and enjoy the culture. I want the locals to tell me about their favourite places and often through social media, they do. So, on my way over I do a bit of research before I land about the places I’m going to visit,” he said.

His latest stop was at Sri Lanka, where he was hosted by Cinnamon Life, an upcoming premier lifestyle property in Colombo.

Fashion critics don’t make sense to me: Prateik Babbar

New Delhi: Actor Prateik Babbar calls himself a “fashion experimenter”. He says he doesn’t care much about fashion police as he believes that everybody has a unique statement to make, which doesn’t mean one has to be liked by everyone.

“I’m not fashion conscious, I’m just a fashion experimenter,” Prateik told IANS when asked if he is a fashion conscious person in real life.

“I like to create trends of my own and don’t follow the rule book. I would put it this way — I admire good style that is experimental and personalised as fashion is more seasonal,” added Prateik.

The actor is currently one of the faces of designer Rocky S’s new collection for RS jeans along with actress Elli Avram.

Fashion critics don't make sense to me: Prateik BabbarThe collection represents the free spiritedness of people who beat the summertime blues with a dash of indigo. RS jeans has a mix of deep and light hues of indigoes in tops, t-shirts and jeans in styles. Taking the current trends a notch higher, the collection is centered in ripped and distressed patterns in different styles.

Asked if he gets bothered if and when he makes headlines because of his wrong fashion choices, he said: “Fashion police are feared by those who aren’t confident of their personal style statement. Everybody has a unique statement… That doesn’t necessarily need to be a hot favourite with everyone and hence fashion critics don’t make sense to me.

“For me, style is about comfort and as long as you’re comfortable and confident, anything can look good.”

He also said that working with Rocky Star has been great.

“I love the energy and vibe that he brings on set. He’s got such a unique style which I love. Shooting for his new RS Jeans collection was an absolute riot. I was really pumped when he asked me to model for him,” said the actor, who has worked in films like ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’, ‘Dhobi Ghat’ and ‘Aarakshan’.

Chef Vikas Khanna emphasises on oats for breakfast – Here’s why

New Delhi: True to the old adage “breakfast like a king”, Chef Vikas Khanna on Thursday emphasised on starting the day with a healthy diet by including oats.

During ‘Quaker Breakfast Table’ an event organised by Quaker Nutri Foods here, Chef Khanna introduced the audience to some new and quick recipes out of oats which can be easily incorporated in our daily diet and also launched a wide range of products offered by Quaker.

“Oats have a lot of healthy benefits which usually we tend to ignore. A handful of oats mixed in any Indian breakfast recipe can bring a lot of change in our lifestyle,” Chef Khanna told IANS.

Chef Vikas Khanna emphasises on oats for breakfast - Here's whyHe went out to prepare some easy food items like idlis and upmas with a twist — yet maintaining the flavour and rich nutritious value.

“The real rocket science in the culinary world is home-cooking. Morning makes the day and getting a healthy start is very important. Oats contain fibre, protein and are gluten free. It is also a source of instant energy,” Khanna added.