Meerkat dumps Twitter for Facebook

The much hyped but little used live video streaming service has added closer ties with the world’s largest social network as part of a new iOS app update.

As well as being able to post streams to Facebook, Meerkat users will now also be able to see if anyone they’re friends with listed in their device’s contacts book, is also using the app.

Meerkat launched to huge publicity from tech journalists and initially used Twitter as a means of sharing streams. However, since launching a competing service, Periscope, Twitter has limited Meerkat’s access to its platform.

And despite huge fanfares, neither app appears to be getting real-world consumers particularly excited. According to 7Park, as of April, Meerkat had a 0.1% reach in terms of all US iOS device users while Periscope boasted a 0.5% reach. For some perspective, Vine, which is well established by comparison, currently reaches 5.4% of American iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users and its owner, Twitter, 19%.