HTC to Launch a Mobile VR Device That’s ‘Not a Phone Slapped Onto a Headset’

HTC has announced that it would look to boost virtual reality further with a new device that bridges the gap between its expensive Vive headset, and other reasonable mobile-only options like the Gear VR and the Google Daydream View. The new VR gadget will be a completely different product ‘that won’t require your phone to be slapped onto a headset’, HTC’s President of Global Sales, Chia-lin Chang, said in an interview. This new VR will be launched later in the year, as HTC looks to elevate its VR efforts further.

HTC to Launch a Mobile VR Device That's 'Not a Phone Slapped Onto a Headset'

At the HTC U series launch event in Singapore, Chang told CNET that HTC is looking at bringing a different kind of virtual reality gadget that you can use on the go. The device will not be as expensive as the Vive headset, making it possible to reach a wider audience. Just to recall, the HTC Vive costs $799 (roughly Rs. 54,000) in the United States

“We have a good plan in terms of combining mobility with VR. Vive is very top end, and in the coming months you’ll see our plans in terms of mobility and VR, and it’s not a phone slapped onto a headset. It’d be a different thing. We’re a VR company, we’re going to have something,” Chang told the publication.

Chang confirmed that the gadget would roll out sometime before the end of the year, but refrained from giving any details about the VR gadget itself. At [CES 2017], HTC launched the ViveTracker and the ViveDeluxe Audio Strap accessories for Vive that help with object tracking, and offer a better experience with fewer cables and an easier to adjust fit.

HTC increased its focus on VR last year by separating its VR business into a wholly-owned subsidiary. HTC also announced a new consortium called VR Venture Capital Alliance to invest in VR research and development.

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