EaseUS Data Recovery Software: Premium Recovery Tools In A Powerful Package

Data recovery software have been getting more popularity today, due to a simple fact that people tend to lose more data every day. Due to a number of reasons, many people are frequently losing their data, which at times, can be really important. Imagine yourself losing your important presentation a day before the annual meeting of the company. Isn’t it scary? In order to settle this, data recovery software were introduced as a recovery measure.

One of the most famous and used recovery software is the EaseUS data recovery software. This software makes use of some of the most powerful tools to bring forth the best results. The features offered are one of the best in its league, and with efficient use, it can bring unrivalled productivity.

The software assists people in recovering their files using simple methods. Files, such as compressed, email, video, music and documents can easily be recovered by the software from all disks and drives, including pen drives, memory cards, MP4 players, iPod, media players, flash drives, external HDD, CD/DVDs etc. It can offer recover deleted files, which have become inaccessible due to situations like OS crash, formatted disks, corrupted disk, crashed disks, system crash, virus attacks, malware etc.

Data Remnants

The software is able to recover files due to the data remnants, which are left behind by deleted or lost files. These remnants lie in the memory, and are overwritten when some new files are created in the disk. The software recovers such remnants, and with the help of these, it is able to reconstruct the original file.

In order to perform this, the software makes use of a unique scanning procedure, consisting of two different mode, which are:

  • Quick Scan Mode

This is the faster and more flexible mode that offers results within a few minutes. It puts more emphasis on bringing results as fast as possible, due to which it quickly searches the memory for files, which had been permanently deleted from the system or from the recycle bin.

As it ends, the deep scan mode is automatically initiated and the results are displayed on the screen. The user can choose to cancel further search, and recover from the existing results if he/she wants.

  • Deep Scan Mode

The deep scan mode is the more in-depth mode, which allows the user to further access files, which were hidden or were inaccessible. It also searches for all data remnants left by lost files, and recovers all files from the beginning of time and displays them. Due to recovering a large amount of data, the scanning process is slow unlike the previous scan mode.

As the results are displayed from both the scan results, the user can choose to recover multiple files. Various additional features like the ability to preview content before even recovering the file, and the ability to import or export results is also present in the data recovery software. EaseUS partition recovery software has helped thousands of people all over the world in recovering their important files, and if you are one who hasn’t, you must surely try the software.