5 Myths JEE Aspirants Must Know

“Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression”. –Barbra Streisand

Hailed as one of the prestigious exams, JEE is a tough nut to crack. To reserve a seat in one of the most respected institutes – IIT, more than a million aspirants appear for the exam every year.They work hard, day and night to fulfil their dream and reach a step closer to what they have been aspiring since years.

With results, every year, there are many stories that start making rounds on the internet. Stories about the hard work, preparation plan and ones that inspire us become the top searches. While many aspirants take cues from them, others simply give up on the idea of being in one of the IIT’s. The reason is the myths and speculations that surround the minds of the aspirants, making it look unachievable.

To win the battle of JEE, let’s have a look at 5 Myths that all aspirants must know and abstain from.

1.        JEE is Extremely Hard to Crack

Believe it or not, to achieve anything big in life, one must go that extra mile while putting in the best efforts. And when it’s about the toughest examination, you surely need to work hard round the clock. Many young aspirants gave up on their dream merely by listening to the hard work tales of people who cracked JEE in the past. However, everyone has the same 24 hours, so it all depends on how well these 24 hours are managed to back the preparation. Nothing is tough if you have the right approach and dedication. Talking about thestrategy, don’t try mugging up concepts, work hard to understand them, and you will easily score good grades in JEE.

2.      If You Have Joined a Coaching Institute, you are Sorted!

It’s true that coaching institutes help channelise the preparation in the right direction and back it well. The guidance offered by coaching institutes makes the preparation phase fruitful. However, not just any coaching institute can do that. To back your preparation well, be sure of checking the success rate, faculty onboard and reviews as well. Talking about reviews, check Aakash Institute review and you will be stunned to know the success rate and on point study material that the institute offers.It’s high time you know that joining just any coaching institute will not help but choosing the bestone will.

3.      Studying at Night is the Right Strategy

A general misconception that surrounds the minds of aspirants is that staying up till late and burning the night oil will help them score better. However, the fact is that taking too much pressure by staying up all night may do nothing good. Proper sleep is essential for both the body and mind. Improper sleep can affect your preparation and in future the grades as well. Therefore, spreading the preparation plan effectively throughout the day and giving the body proper rest at night should be the strategy.

4.      Focusing on Stronger Subjects Compensates the Weaker Ones

Almost every aspirant has a habit of ignoring the weaker subjects and focusing on the stronger ones. This practice is useful to an extent, however, may not help in getting the best possible rank. The key is to take thepain to tackle weak points in a way that they become your strength. Leaving any part of the syllabus untouched may land you in trouble on the day of the examination. Consult and take guidance from expert faculty at the coaching you have joined. They will be able to guide you well about how to tackle such situations.

5.      Life Will Be a Cake Walk After Cracking JEE

It’s true that a significant amount of sacrifices will be over after you crack JEE, but to prove your real potential, you will have to become the best among the rest. The competition will get tough each passing day,and as the graduation time approaches close, you will have to fight harder to get the best company as your future employer. So, make sure you work hard while working smart.