Important Chemistry Books for Competitive Exams

There are a number of reasons behind students getting stressed easily during a competitive exam. One of them is choosing the right preparation books for the examination. Most students keep asking about the books they should follow to get success in the exam. Chemistry is a scoring subject in any competitive exam such as NEET, JEE, etc. But choosing the right book to prepare for chemistry becomes a tough job for aspiring candidates. The market is flooded with millions of books for chemistry but students must choose the right book for them to boost their preparation in the right direction.Here is a list of Chemistry books for competitive exam for Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry to help aspirants prepare for their exam.

Physical Chemistry

Sl. No. Name of the Book Name of Author
1 Principles of Physical Chemistry Puri, Sharma &Pathawa
2 Advance physical chemistry Gurdeep Raj
3 Photo chemistry – A textbook of physical chemistry (Vol. – IV) K.L. Kapoor
4 Chemical kinetics – Advance physical chemistry Gurdeep Raj


Inorganic Chemistry

Sl. No. Name of the Book Name of Author
1 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry J.D. Lee
2 Atomic Structure – Principle of physical chemistry Puri, Sharma &Pathwa
3 Chemical Periodicity, Chemical bonding, Coordination compound Maden, Malik, Tuli
4 Extradition of metals, Principle of inorganic chemistry Puri, Sharma, Jauhar.
5 An advanced inorganic chemistry J.D. Lee
6 Theoretical principles of inorganic chemistry G.S. Manku
7 Pollution and its control – A textbook of environmental chemistry and pollution S.S. Dara.


Organic Chemistry

Sl. No. Name of the Book Name of Author
1 A textbook of organic chemistry Bahl& Ba Buy Now
2 A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry Peter Sykes
3 Bonding and shape of organic molecules, Stereochemistry of carbon compound – Reactions and reagents O.P. Agarwal

Aspirants preparing for various competitive exams should be thorough with the exam syllabus and the exam pattern. They should dedicate more time on important chapters of Chemistry like periodic table, thermodynamics, organic chemistry, etc. Candidates preparing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET can follow the following books to prepare for their examination.

Sl. No. Name of the Book Type of Book Name of Author
1 Organic Chemistry Reference book Morrison & Boyd
2 Reaction mechanism in Organic Chemistry Reference Book Parmar and Chawla
3 NCERT Chemistry Text Book for Basics  NCERT Publication
4 Organic Chemistry Reference Book Francis Carey (TMH)
5 Arihant Chemistry Reference Book Arihant Publication
6 Concise Inorganic Chemistry Reference Book J.D. Lee
7 Numerical Chemistry Reference Book R. C. Mukerjee
8 IIT Chemistry Reference Book O.P. Agarwal
9 Physical Chemistry Reference Book P.W.Atkins
10 General Chemistry Reference Book Ebbing
11 Numerical Chemistry Reference Book P.Bahadur


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