Delhi University Day One: The fuchcha way

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Follow a millennial on social media, and you would be flooded with notifications about their routine, whereabouts and BFFs, thanks to their Facebook check-ins, Insta stories, and Twitter updates. So, it was only expected that they’d go all-out with it on arguably the biggest day of their college life — Day One. Did they? Hell, yeah! Their social media timelines had an update every few minutes — right from waking up and getting started for ragging,
er, interaction with seniors to making it back after their first taste of campus life. While we got a good look at the many selfies and posts, we wanted to make sure you don’t miss the fun. Here, we recreate a typical millennial’s first day at Delhi University.


The first post of the day, this is all about the excitement of starting a new phase in your life (and the confusion that comes with it). There is no better stylist than your Insta fam, so why not ask them what you’d look better in, right?


Taking your first step into college, you feel a sense of pride and happiness — that
all your hard work and great marks paid off. You’ve made it till here, and can hardly wait to make new friends for life, and memories as you embrace the good and bad that comes with college life. C’mon! This deserves a check-in and a ‘senti’ post on Facebook, and fuchchas couldn’t agree more.


When you’ve got the college you wanted, and that, too, in Delhi University, who wouldn’t want to show
it off? A college selfie with trending hashtags and a neat location tag will do the job. After all, your followers deserve to be updated about everything.

DON’T MEAN TO B(RAG) – 9.30am

Met some seniors and didn’t get ragged — this is one experience that needs to be shared. So much for believing people who said that college would be an intimidating experience! Plus, making a new friend is always a bonus, so might as well tag them in the post.


Everyone can review almost everything these days, thanks to social media that has turned us into experts. And college canteen food just seems to serve as
the perfect opportunity. If the amazing taste at pocket money-friendly prices has you impressed, you need to share it — it’s that simple!


How can Day One at DU end without flaunting the ensemble your Insta fam voted for? They deserve to know if you took their style advice seriously or not! And why just talk about fashion when you can also brag about the cool photoshoot-worthy locations in your college. You know, the ones you’d be using all year for those upcoming Instagram posts — be it for selfies, group pictures or post backdrops!