PUBG Xbox One Version 1.0 Release Date Announced at Gamescom 2018: Everything You Need to Know

PUBG Xbox One Version 1.0 Release Date Announced at Gamescom 2018: Everything You Need to Know

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been available in early access on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X since December 12, 2017 through Xbox Game Preview. During Gamescom 2018, PUBG Corp has announced that the battle royale game is leaving Xbox Game Preview as PUBG version 1.0. The PUBG Xbox One final release date is September 4, 2018. Not only will it be out of its extended beta period, but PUBG Xbox One will be getting a host of features present on PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC such as War Mode, Event Pass, Sanhok map and more. Here’s what you need to know.

PUBG Xbox One version 1.0 features

  • Sanhok map for PUBG Xbox One: according to PUBG Corp’s console lead Too Sung Jeong, Sanhok is “inspired by the islands across Southeast Asia, Sanhok is a 4×4 compact battleground.” Speedier games and circle dynamics that have been adjusted to bring battles to a dramatic finish more quickly. Sanhok will introduce all-new weapons and vehicles in addition to the debut of dynamic weather changes for the first time on Xbox One.
  • War Mode for PUBG Xbox One: war mode is a deathmatch-style experience where players hunt each other in a static zone, respawning you back in with a parachute and weapons if you’re killed. Teams get points with kills and reviving teammates, and the team that reaches certain points in the game wins the battle.
  • PUBG Xbox One Achievements: Xbox One Achievements earned in Xbox Game Preview will carry over to the PUBG full product release.
  • Event Pass and in-game currency for cosmetic items: Event Pass has been PUBG’s answer to Fortnite’s Battle Pass. Along with Sanhok is Event Pass: Sanhok which will allow you access to more missions, levels, and rewards on the Sanhok map.

This isn’t all, PUBG Corp claims there’s more to come in terms of content unlocks that will be announced closer to PUBG Xbox One 1.0 launch. A limited edition Xbox controller and a disc release of PUBG is in the works to celebrate the move to version 1.0.

When PUBG first hit the Xbox One X via Game Preview, we stated that it was the best way to play the game. However with the advent of PUBG Mobile, this is no longer the case. That being said, it will be interesting to see what else PUBG Xbox One 1.0 brings to the table. Historically, games exiting Xbox Game Preview have found their way to the PS4 soon after as we’ve seen with Elite: Dangerous and Ark: Survival Evolved. Logically, it’s just a matter of time before PUBG PS4 is a reality. More so when you consider that PUBG Corp wants to see PUBG on every platform possible.

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