What You Need to Understand About Mineral Scaling

If you run a manufacturing business that uses a lot of industrial-grade water for any purpose, you’ve got to be ready to deal with the little maintenance concerns that can turn into big ones over time. That means keeping the water lines inspected and sealed. It also means understanding the effects of impurities on your manufacturing process.

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If you’re not running distilled water, one of those impurities is mineral scale. On a daily basis, minerals in the water you use for cleaning, cooling, and a myriad of other applications will do no damage and cause no problems. Over the long term, though, they will leave deposits on your tubes and pipes, as well as on any equipment that is regularly cleaned with the water and not treated afterward. Over the long haul, this can cause decreased flow speeds and even obstructions that stop your machines from working properly.

Building a Descaling Regimen

Regardless of your industry, using industrial water means designing a descaling regimen that works for your employees and your business. It’s not always easy, but it will serve you well and it will keep you from needing to replace equipment before its time. The key is identifying times when your water system can be offline, using the right products, and tracking maintenance to make sure there’s proper follow-through. Tasking your maintenance team with this during regular hours might be impossible, so it could require a weekend operation or night-time extra work. Make sure your maintenance schedule takes that into account to avoid overworking techs and introducing other errors.

Finding a Descaling Agent

Luckily, most of the supply companies you already deal with for industrial lubricant in Richmond, VA also carry other chemical agents you might need for manufacturing, including descaling agents for your water supply. That makes it easy to shop.

Remember, not all agents are made the same. You might need something aggressive if you’re treating parts with high volumes of water and recycling the same water through your tank again and again. Or, you might need something gentle and food-safe. Shop around to make sure you get the right product for your business.