Airport Car Service in Fort Lauderdale FL

The popular limousine service in and out of Miami, GetLBL, announced an airport car service starting immediately. The forty-year-old limousine company relies on its professional chauffeurs to deliver the executive car service to its clientele along with the other limousine services. Citing the wisdom of relying on their experienced staff to deliver their product, GetLBL believes their VIP clients can receive the most respect and courtesy available at the airport.

In addition, GetLBL points to the cost and hassle of driving to the airport as an extra incentive for their chauffeurs to provide the much desired curb-to-curb services. GetLBL says that Miami’s rush hour traffic can be a navigation nightmare. A reliable, courteous service with a sound on-time performance can eliminate many of the hassles of the airport.

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Comfort Along with Convenience

Limousine service at the airport circumvents many of the everyday obstacles travelers experience as they go through the airport and board a flight. Finding parking, unloading bags and transporting the luggage that ordinary pedestrians take with them isn’t always an easy proposition. Limousine service can get the passenger curbside. That eliminates the need to haul bags around and there’s certainly no need for parking. passengers can skip the long-term parking fee altogether.

While convenience is probably the main reason people turn to a limousine service, comfort doesn’t play second fiddle to it. The luxury comfort of a limousine ride can not only make the ride more enjoyable, but it also can enable the passenger to engage in more important communications whether business or professional or attend to more serious business that needs to be addressed. With all the amenities of a luxury car service, passengers can work in the quiet comfort without interruption with airport car service Fort Lauderdale FL.


With vehicles like Cadillac CTS sedans or Mercedes 550s, VIPs can enjoy the very best luxury sedans during the ride to the airport. The vehicles are air-conditioned, offer a plush leather interior. Dark tinted windows provide privacy. The passenger can also bring along up to two other passengers in the car service.

Finally, using a car service to the airport can increase the safety of the passengers. Congested driving can be responsible for fender-benders or worse, and that hassle can be eliminated with an airport car service ride.