Concealed Carry Choices for Women

Gun control is certainly a hot topic in the daily news. With reports of violence on the rise – much of it against women or children – more people are taking personal safety under serious consideration. More and more, women are choosing to arm themselves and prepare for whatever may be necessary for defending themselves or their children. From executives to stay-at-home mothers, women are educating themselves and getting a concealed carry permit if the state allows. Once a permit is granted, however, the method of carrying can be tricky. With traditional holsters built for the long torso common on men, it is important for a woman to explore her options and develop a conceal system that will work best for her physical type.

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Feeling the demand for choices better suited to the female form, companies are releasing women’s concealed carry clothing of all types. Ladies need to try on, and practice with, different styles of carrying to find out, not only a good way to keep a weapon concealed but a method that will allow it to be drawn when needed. Some prefer a weapon tucked close to the body or hidden in clothes. Other women prefer purses or bags, so making an informed choice can take some time.


  • The bellyband is a holster that is worn around the midsection under a shirt and waistband.
  • A bra or underarm holster can conceal a weapon in natural body curves.
  • Clipping a holster to the waist is more comfortable for some but be careful of the type of holster. If a sidearm is heavy enough, it may pull down on a person’s pants making a good belt a necessity.
  • Thigh and ankle holsters work well but can be more difficult to access when needed.
  • Conceal carry purses are a popular choice. Using one is more responsibility, though, since you cannot put it down the way you would a normal purse.

Try out the different options first. Making an informed decision gives a woman the ability to feel comfortable with her concealed firearm.