Why You Should Hire an Inspector and a Plumber Before Buying a Home

Psychologically and financially, buying a home lake county fl is one of the most exciting and biggest investments you’ll make in your life. To ensure a smooth transition from home buyer to homeowner, it’s essential to hire a good home inspector. Ideally, you also should hire a plumber to perform a focused inspection of the plumbing system.

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Hire a Home Inspector

When you’re considering buying a home, you should hire a home inspector to perform a general inspection of the property. The inspector will point out any structural issues that are visible without tearing down the walls. A good inspector will stress test the plumbing and other systems too. They’ll run multiple plumbing fixtures and appliances simultaneously, checking for water pressure, drainage, leakage and other issues. During the inspection, you should accompany the inspector and ask questions. The inspection should come with a warranty that offers some reimbursement if the inspector’s report states that something is in good condition, but that breaks down within some period after the inspection.

Hire a Plumber Too

Unfortunately, home inspectors sometimes miss big problems. Plumbing problems are especially expensive. If big problems surface after you’ve taken ownership of the home, but the home inspector’s report said nothing about the defective part(s), most likely you’ll be responsible for any repairs. It’s also extremely difficult to prove that the previous owner knew about any problems they didn’t disclose. For these reasons, you should hire a plumber to do a special inspection of the entire plumbing system. The plumber should catch anything the home inspector may have missed, predict with some level of confidence when various parts will break down and provide a cost estimate for all issues.

When you’re buying a home, a good home inspector will provide an overall inspection of the property. Hiring a plumber to perform a special inspection will cost you more up front, but the information you get back will make the extra cost worthwhile.