3 Essential Horse Insurance Policies

For people who have never owned horses, the idea of health insurance for horses may seem strange at first, but it makes all the sense in the world. Horses are truly majestic animals, but their care can be very complex and expensive. In addition, the way horses are used lends itself to some insurance concerns as well. We’ll look at three insurance policies no horse owner should be without.

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Horse Health Insurance

We’ll begin with the simplest and most obvious policy category: health insurance for horses. Like any other animal, great, or small, horses contract illnesses and sustain injuries. If horses race or show, the injuries may be more severe and difficult to treat, give their size. Likewise, illnesses may require large doses of expensive medications. A comprehensive health insurance policy can make the costs much more manageable.

Liability Insurance

Even with the best training, horseback accidents can happen. If you are a trainer or stable owner who regularly has people riding your horse, liability insurance is critical to cover them. Commercially, waivers are usually drawn up and provided to riders.

Horse Mortality Insurance

Unfortunately, there may be situations where a horse is gravely ill or mortally wounded. End of life care and funerary expenses are not what you want to be focused on in your last days with your horse. To make matters worth, health insurance for horses generally does not apply to these situations. Horse mortality insurance can help you cover these costs. Also, if your horse performs a work function for you (as in an agricultural setting) these policies may help cover the loss of productivity you will suffer when your horse passes.

If you own and care for a horse, whether on a ranch, in a stable, or elsewhere, you must be able to provide for unforeseen circumstances. Having proper insurance policies in place will make this much easier.