4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Security Guard for Your Construction Site

The U.S. Construction industry may only account for just over 4% of the GDP. But that sounds far more impressive when you realize it actually accounts for almost 70,000 commercial businesses, over 7 million employees, and nearly $1.3 trillion in new structures added to the U.S. landscape annually. And that’s just in America. Globally, construction accounts for almost 15% of the world’s GDP. Of course, a poorly secured construction business can cost you an arm and a leg instead of earning you one. But what are some major reasons you should specifically hire construction site security guards?

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Control and Record Site Access

Your construction site likely has a lot of physical activity on any given day. Keeping track of employees and customers is one thing. But what about delivery personnel, plumbers, electricians, maintenance crews, and inspectors? While most professional visits can be planned and scheduled, some simply cannot. And the more traffic at your site, the more likely to lose track of who’s actually on the premises and why they’re there. Construction site security guards can record all visitors during and after business hours to free up employee time and help make your business run more smoothly.


Address and Reduce Work-Related or Site-Related Conflict

Construction sites hire some of the most diverse and highly skilled labor in the nation. But those employees can have completely opposing personalities and temperaments. The last thing any management team of a successful business wants or needs is for good employees to leave or be fired due to workplace conflict and contention. Peaceful compromises aren’t always possible without the assistance of conflict-trained associates. Construction site security guards, however, can maintain peace and order so everyone can focus on their tasks.


Protect Your Business from Fires and Other Disasters

Fires can occur at any business, but construction sites are often overwhelmingly unprepared for that potential catastrophe. Sprinkler systems alone aren’t enough since much of the inventory is often chemical-based or stored outside. By the time remote security surveillance notices and calls in the problem, half your inventory could be up in smoke. The same can be said for potential danger or damage from severe weather or natural disasters. Construction site security guards can easily identify the dangers and eliminate risks to limit lost inventory and take any necessary steps to evacuate the promises in the event of danger.


Reduce Theft and Vandalism

By the time 2020 hits, the construction industry is expected to be one of the nation’s top industries with a 4.5% growth rate over the past three years. Of course, individual construction business success depends highly on the quality of internal security. Unfortunately, construction sites are major draws to thieves and vandals since they’re often easy to access and the payoff is high on the criminal’s end. And while most of the stolen goods can be found within 100 miles of the business, less than 25% of stolen construction site merchandise is ever retrieved. Vandalism can just as easily stall your business growth and be just as difficult to control. Construction site security guards can recognize the warning signs or weaknesses and eliminate the risks before thieves and vandals target your business. Give us a call when you’re ready to hire Korner Security in Detroit and regain control of your business success.