Dry-Fire Training With Your Glock

Training should be a regular part of any pistol owner’s routine, both to ingrain effective technique as well as to improve shooting accuracy. Going to the shooting range and firing at training targets is the standard method that shooters use for training, but it’s also quite effective to do dry-fire training at home. The benefits of dry fire training include it being basically free, with the exception of a small investment in some equipment upfront to facilitate the training, as well as it being very convenient since you can do it in the comfort of your own home at any time.

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Laser Module Selection

Using a laser module during dry-fire training is very effective in ensuring that proper technique is being applied when the trigger is pulled. The laser will highlight any extra movement in the pistol during trigger manipulation by flashing off of the target. Choose a laser module made specifically for your Glock model for the greatest accuracy.

Realistic Trigger Simulation

One of the common complaints about dry-fire training with a striker-fired pistol is that the trigger will not automatically reset after the first trigger pull, which renders every additional trigger pull unrealistic. Luckily there are great Glock trigger kit packages available that offer a realistic trigger reset during dry-fire training. This allows you to use your existing Glock pistol rather than using a pure training pistol, such as a SIRT or other training pistol.

Training Techniques With Lasers

Training your draw from either a duty or concealed holster can be done safely at home using a laser module to ensure first shot accuracy. Targets can be used to simulate both sport and self-defense situations, and options include scaled dry-fire targets to simulate various distances.

Training at home with a laser module for your Glock pistol is very effective at building shooting skills when you can’t get to the range for live-fire training.