TikTok Launches Donation Stickers to Allow Creators to Raise Funds for Coronavirus Relief

TikTok, popular short video sharing app, has made several efforts to help with the fight against coronavirus pandemic. Now, the app has added a new feature – donation stickers – that will help creators raise funds for coronavirus relief. These Donation Stickers are available on the app and can be used just like other creative effects in both videos and TikTok live streams. This essentially allows the viewers watching a video to tap on the sticker to “quickly and easily submit a donation.” As of now, it is unclear if the feature has been rolled out globally.TikTok Launches Donation Stickers to Allow Creators to Raise Funds for Coronavirus Relief

“We’ve been impressed and heartened by the selfless steps our community has taken to help each other, and now we’re excited to be able to give our users another way to make a positive impact,” TikTok said in a statement. “Today, we’re officially launching Donation Stickers, a new in-app feature that offers creators a way to help raise funds within their videos and TikTok LIVE streams for the charities and causes they care most about.”

Notably, we were unable to spot this feature in the app that means it may not have been released in India yet.

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The company shared that the stickers can be embedded directly in videos and TikTok live streams. When a viewer taps on a Donation Sticker, they will see a pop-up window that will let them make a donation without leaving the app. TikTok also states that donations are enabled by Tiltify that is a charitable fundraising platform. The social networking service has also partnered with organisations like CDC Foundation, James Beard Foundation, Meals on Wheels, and others.

Further, TikTok also shared that it will be matching the donations made through the stickers by users until May 27.

How to Add Donation Stickers in TikTok

To add a Donation Sticker, go to the editing page in the TikTok app and click on ‘[COVID-19]’ Donation Sticker. You will need to choose an organisation for the donation. Then, place the sticker on the video and the caption ‘#doubleyourimpact’ will be automatically added.

Earlier this month, TikTok pledged $250 million for COVID-19 relief and also donated Rs. 100 crores worth of medical equipment to India for the safety of the medical staff on the front line.