Signs You Need TV Repair

If you have a television that is not working correctly, there are a few things to look at and try to repair before you give up on it for good. With most TVs, you will have a few warning signs of a problem before the TV gives out completely.

Keep reading to learn about some of the top signs you need professional TV repair service Dover DE. In many cases, you can pay for a simple repair, rather than having to repair the entire electronic.

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Dead Pixels

Having a dead pixel in the middle of your screen can ruin the entire TV watching experience. It does not matter if the dots are green or black; they are inconvenient. Before you jump to the worst conclusion, be sure you are dealing with a dead pixel, rather than just a stuck one.

Sometimes, the issue may be with the screen. For example, dust or dirt may look like a dead pixel. Clean it carefully before taking other steps.

Color Distortion

Do the colors on your TV screen seem distorted? If so, the TV may be malfunctioning. Usually, this problem will occur gradually, which means you may not see any difference to begin with. When this happens, it is because only one color will weaken at a time. That means that no obvious changes will occur overnight.

Another common problem is phantom colors. If you notice bright color smears in locations that should be totally white, you can feel confident there is a problem. Color issues are usually easy to fix, so just contact the professionals.

Repair vs. Replace

Deciding to repair or replace your TV is something you should do with the help of a professional. They can evaluate your TV and help you decide if repairs are possible and a smart investment.