Projects to Prioritize When You’ve Bought a New Condo

After you’ve bought a unit in a condominium building, you’ll likely need to make a few changes to make the unit truly your own and have it feel like a home. Before you focus attention on aesthetics and décor, you need to prioritize safety and functionality. Here are some important things that new condominium owners need to consider about making improvements.

Checklist to Furnish Your Dream Home on a Budget

Repair Any Possible Plumbing Hazards Immediately

Having neighbors below you means that you’ll want to be extra cautious about making sure that your plumbing is in working order. A simple problem with a shower valve or a toilet’s wax ring could result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage that you’ll be responsible for. If your home inspection identified any potential problems, you should take care of them as soon as you take occupancy of a unit.

Replace an Old Electrical Panel

If your unit uses an outmoded fuse box instead of a circuit breaker, you may want to consider replacing it to improve your unit’s energy efficiency and mitigate the risk of electrical issues. In addition, you should ensure that your unit’s wiring is in compliance with all applicable code. If you need help with electrical upgrades Philadelphia, reach out to a provider who is experienced in serving residential customers in your area.

Find Out What Your Condominium Association Requires to Do Work

Before you start any type of project, your first step should be ensuring that what you’re planning is compliant with your building’s regulations. For example, your management company may require permitting information about a project or ask that certain types of projects be limited to certain hours of the day.

Ultimately, you should be prepared to put a little time and effort into improvements that will safeguard your new investment against damage. Get help from reputable service providers so that you can get the work you need completed professionally and affordably.