Important Chemistry Books for Competitive Exams

There are a number of reasons behind students getting stressed easily during a competitive exam. One of them is choosing the right preparation books for the examination. Most students keep asking about the books they should follow to get success in the exam. Chemistry is a scoring subject in any competitive exam such as NEET, JEE, etc. But choosing the right book to prepare for chemistry becomes a tough job for aspiring candidates. The market is flooded with millions of books for chemistry but students must choose the right book for them to boost their preparation in the right direction.Here is a list of Chemistry books for competitive exam for Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry to help aspirants prepare for their exam.

Physical Chemistry

Sl. No. Name of the Book Name of Author
1 Principles of Physical Chemistry Puri, Sharma &Pathawa
2 Advance physical chemistry Gurdeep Raj
3 Photo chemistry – A textbook of physical chemistry (Vol. – IV) K.L. Kapoor
4 Chemical kinetics – Advance physical chemistry Gurdeep Raj


Inorganic Chemistry

Sl. No. Name of the Book Name of Author
1 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry J.D. Lee
2 Atomic Structure – Principle of physical chemistry Puri, Sharma &Pathwa
3 Chemical Periodicity, Chemical bonding, Coordination compound Maden, Malik, Tuli
4 Extradition of metals, Principle of inorganic chemistry Puri, Sharma, Jauhar.
5 An advanced inorganic chemistry J.D. Lee
6 Theoretical principles of inorganic chemistry G.S. Manku
7 Pollution and its control – A textbook of environmental chemistry and pollution S.S. Dara.


Organic Chemistry

Sl. No. Name of the Book Name of Author
1 A textbook of organic chemistry Bahl& Ba Buy Now
2 A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry Peter Sykes
3 Bonding and shape of organic molecules, Stereochemistry of carbon compound – Reactions and reagents O.P. Agarwal

Aspirants preparing for various competitive exams should be thorough with the exam syllabus and the exam pattern. They should dedicate more time on important chapters of Chemistry like periodic table, thermodynamics, organic chemistry, etc. Candidates preparing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET can follow the following books to prepare for their examination.

Sl. No. Name of the Book Type of Book Name of Author
1 Organic Chemistry Reference book Morrison & Boyd
2 Reaction mechanism in Organic Chemistry Reference Book Parmar and Chawla
3 NCERT Chemistry Text Book for Basics  NCERT Publication
4 Organic Chemistry Reference Book Francis Carey (TMH)
5 Arihant Chemistry Reference Book Arihant Publication
6 Concise Inorganic Chemistry Reference Book J.D. Lee
7 Numerical Chemistry Reference Book R. C. Mukerjee
8 IIT Chemistry Reference Book O.P. Agarwal
9 Physical Chemistry Reference Book P.W.Atkins
10 General Chemistry Reference Book Ebbing
11 Numerical Chemistry Reference Book P.Bahadur


Candidates preparing for competitive exams should focus completely on their studies and work hard with dedication to scoring good marks in the examination. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on concepts related to the CBSESyllabus in a better way.

Keep Your Kitchen Flooring Improvement Project on Track

DIY home improvement projects are an excellent way to save money on home renovations, as well as reinforcing a sense of pride in home ownership. But even the most experienced do-it-yourselfer can find their themselves faced with having to correct a problem caused by poor installation techniques or simply making the wrong choice of materials for the job.

Image result for Keep Your Kitchen Flooring Improvement Project on Track

Kitchen Flooring Needs and Issues

In most homes, the kitchen is considered a high use area. Meal preparation, snacking, or just enjoying that daily cup of coffee with a neighbor all involve using the kitchen and increasing the level of traffic and the amount of wear and tear the flooring must withstand. When exposure to water, cleaning, oils, and humidity from cooking are also considered, it becomes easy to see that the flooring must be very durable in order to maintain an attractive appearance through years of use.

Over the past decade or two, the use of laminate wood flooring has grown, even in the realm of kitchen flooring. However, when the wrong type or quality of laminate flooring is chosen, it will not hold up well in kitchen use and will quickly began to appear worn or damaged. In addition, wood laminate flooring options that are installed incorrectly often suffer damage to corners and edges that make them look frayed and old years sooner than they should.

Tips for Choosing the Best Laminate Flooring Products for Kitchen Use

Bamboo flooring is one of several flooring options that are becoming increasingly popular for kitchen use throughout the nation. A grass-based product, bamboo flooring can actually be harder and more durable than many types of wood commonly used for flooring applications.

In addition to withstanding the ravages of water, spills, grease, and surface wear and tear better than wood surfaces, bamboo is also a green choice that provides a more comfortable surface when standing or working in the kitchen – as well as a solid return on investment when it comes time to sell the home.

Surprisingly affordable, bamboo laminate flooring offers the appearance of real hard wood, with the easy care and longevity of vinyl.

Techniques and Tools are Equally Important in Order to Ensure a Quality Job

Choosing to DIY the installation of bamboo flooring in the kitchen is a great way for homeowners to save a substantial amount of money on their kitchen renovation and it isn’t difficult – furthermore, it’s a home improvement project that doesn’t need a permit. Like any laminate or hardwood flooring product, however, it is important to use proper tools and techniques to install the flooring without causing any damage that will mar the appearance or diminish the lifespan of the floor.

In most kitchen applications, the bamboo flooring will be installed directly on top of an existing wood sub-floor. It can also be installed as a floating floor, or on a concrete sub-floor, as long as care is taken to ensure the surfaces are clean, level, and dry.

To find out more about using bamboo flooring in your kitchen renovation project, including the tools and techniques needed for installation success, contact your BuildDirect flooring expert today. Their experience in the flooring industry allows them to offer the best possible guidance to help their customers achieve DIY success each and every time!

Where knowledge is just a daily routine

The concept of learning and education has changed a lot in the past few years. Physically presence to learn a course is not a prime requirement now. Candidates can sit at home and make an addition to their present skill. For this they need not travel to the educational institutes and follow a fixed few hourroutine of study and at the same time and at the same place. Say goodbye to all traditional methods of acquiring education and seize the new and innovative concept of grabbing courses by opting for online learning. If business management is your preferredchoice then, the agile PMP workshop helps you add more skills to your present resume.

Image result for Where knowledge is just a daily routine!

The Learning of Agile management classroom training is eased with the invasion of high internet speed. Technology has provided the freedom of learning the way you want. If you don’t have time to take up a professional course due to your busy working schedule, online training is the best option available for enthusiasts who wish to acquire a skill and upgrade his present designation.

The learning drive is of 14 hours duration where you get a downloadable course material that drops down to your smart gadget as soon as you enroll for the course. Apart from study material there are various other benefits also that you enjoy at the training. They are-

  • Free online access to LMS portal for complete 100 days.
  • You get practice on 6 mock tests that jointly contain around 1200 questions.
  • 35 PDUs certificate
  • How to complete the exam procedure?
  • All relevant tips and tricks for clearing certification exam in very first attempt.
  • Your training fosters quick revision of the course through downloadable technique.
  • The complete study of the training revolves around studying agile chapters of the book PMBOK
  • You stand eligible for the free project management templates that you can use in your organizations and are not otherwise available.

Your training is carried out through virtual classroom where your teachers provide you with all needful help that you need for understanding of the agile methodology and how you can implement your grabbed knowledge in your concern. They will give provide you with various different opportunities to grow by giving you a real life experience and extensive assignments. Doubt sessions are there where you can clear your doubts and initiate powerful learning. In case of any doubt or confusion, feel free to connect with your mentors who are just a click or swipe away from you.

The wonderful opportunity of learning that comes all the way to you through technology has transformed the experience of learning. Yesteryears hold the history of stressful studies and midnight oil burning techniques. Online learning fosters knowledge, a daily routine. Learn as many courses as you can, it has plethora of courses to help you upgrade your present status.

Buying Nautical Supplies for Safety and Fun Online

As the captain of your own yacht, you have the duty to keep supplies on board well-stocked and ready to go before each excursion out to sea.  When you run low on supplies for engine repairs, communication, recreation, or boat maintenance, you put the integrity of the journey at stake and compromise the enjoyment of your passengers.

Rather than bank your shopping for supplies based on what your local boat or outdoor stores carry, you can get a better selection of essentials and luxuries when you shop on the Internet.  You can simplify your shopping by using the search categories to narrow in on what you need or want to buy.

Image result for Buying Nautical Supplies for Safety and Fun Online

Keeping Your Vessel in Spic and Span Shape

The ocean water, air, and weather can take their toll on your boat.  In no time, your shiny and glossy yacht can be transformed into a dingy and dirty nightmare.

When you bring your boat into the marina, you may want to think about what it will take to get it back into its former state of beauty.  Along with hosing off the grime and barnacles, you also may want to clean and wax it to protect its outer appearance.

You can find high-quality cleaning and waxing supplies on the website.  The company sells polishes, soaps, waxes, and other items that are suited for all types of yachts and designed to last for weeks.  You may not even have to exert yourself that much when applying the products to your boat’s finish.

You can also find supplies like sponges, squeegees, and cloths to put on an even coat and shiny polish.  You do not have to use your own towels or rags but rather than use those designed to go along with the products for sale online.

Other Essentials

Along with shopping for cleaning supplies, you may also want to review what if anything you need to stock up on for your next journey out to the open waters.  If you are running low on snacks and water, for example, you might stock up on these necessities by purchasing them on the website.

Likewise, you can find cables, ropes, chargers, life jackets, flares, and a host of other items that you cannot afford to take for granted on your yacht.  These supplies are designed for performance and can make every trip out on your vessel safe and enjoyable.

Connecting With Each Other Via Bulk Sms

People these days have become techno savvy, they know how to fully take the advantage of the latest technology and use it for their own benefit. In this fast paced world, the things that is the most desired for is the time to connect with friends. Not only time, but the method by which we connect also matters a lot. People these days are not just connected to one person or two but to a group of friends together. This is the group of interest that helps them to make their life even more enjoyable and happier.

When connecting a larger group of people, arises the need of a special kind of service that can be used to approach to several people at the same time. Such services involve bulk smsservices. These services can be easily availed when sending or receiving messages to and from a larger group of friends.

Related image

Availability of these services:To send bulk sms service is easily available on all kind of phones. May it be android, simple phones or high tech smartphones, users can easily access the service and talk to a larger group of people at the same instant. It provides a user friendly interface with far reaching services in the minimal possible time. Moreover these are reliable and affordable.

Features of bulk sms:

  • These are reliable that means they can be trusted upon. They will definitely reach with the same information
  • These can be forwarded to a larger group of people within the same instant
  • Since it involves sending information to a larger group of people, it saves time and energy of the sender
  • Moreover, the services protect the privacy of the sender. The sender need not worry about the revealing of his identity or mixing up of the group.
  • The group is not displayed that they have been added to a common group, sender just selects the receivers and send the message
  • They don’t require any extra data in the phone. The message pack can be added when one goes for the recharge.
  • Information reaches timely and safely to the desired group of people
  • Integrate with your system using bulk smsapi

After sending the message, it remains saved in your draft box and thus users can easily open up the message anytime and anywhere. In this era where everyone dreams of getting the official or unofficial notice at the same instant, these message services prove to be a boon and provide the customers a full relaxation.

Sometimes the internet even may stop working then in this case, services like bhashsmsare easily approachable and any urgent information can be sent within no time via the SMS services. There is no set limit of the words or letters being typed in some phones however there is a limit in some. This causes a minor problem of not being able to type but it can be rectified by continuing with another message, then these messages can be easily combined together and sent.

5 Myths JEE Aspirants Must Know

“Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression”. –Barbra Streisand

Hailed as one of the prestigious exams, JEE is a tough nut to crack. To reserve a seat in one of the most respected institutes – IIT, more than a million aspirants appear for the exam every year.They work hard, day and night to fulfil their dream and reach a step closer to what they have been aspiring since years.

With results, every year, there are many stories that start making rounds on the internet. Stories about the hard work, preparation plan and ones that inspire us become the top searches. While many aspirants take cues from them, others simply give up on the idea of being in one of the IIT’s. The reason is the myths and speculations that surround the minds of the aspirants, making it look unachievable.

To win the battle of JEE, let’s have a look at 5 Myths that all aspirants must know and abstain from.

1.        JEE is Extremely Hard to Crack

Believe it or not, to achieve anything big in life, one must go that extra mile while putting in the best efforts. And when it’s about the toughest examination, you surely need to work hard round the clock. Many young aspirants gave up on their dream merely by listening to the hard work tales of people who cracked JEE in the past. However, everyone has the same 24 hours, so it all depends on how well these 24 hours are managed to back the preparation. Nothing is tough if you have the right approach and dedication. Talking about thestrategy, don’t try mugging up concepts, work hard to understand them, and you will easily score good grades in JEE.

2.      If You Have Joined a Coaching Institute, you are Sorted!

It’s true that coaching institutes help channelise the preparation in the right direction and back it well. The guidance offered by coaching institutes makes the preparation phase fruitful. However, not just any coaching institute can do that. To back your preparation well, be sure of checking the success rate, faculty onboard and reviews as well. Talking about reviews, check Aakash Institute review and you will be stunned to know the success rate and on point study material that the institute offers.It’s high time you know that joining just any coaching institute will not help but choosing the bestone will.

3.      Studying at Night is the Right Strategy

A general misconception that surrounds the minds of aspirants is that staying up till late and burning the night oil will help them score better. However, the fact is that taking too much pressure by staying up all night may do nothing good. Proper sleep is essential for both the body and mind. Improper sleep can affect your preparation and in future the grades as well. Therefore, spreading the preparation plan effectively throughout the day and giving the body proper rest at night should be the strategy.

4.      Focusing on Stronger Subjects Compensates the Weaker Ones

Almost every aspirant has a habit of ignoring the weaker subjects and focusing on the stronger ones. This practice is useful to an extent, however, may not help in getting the best possible rank. The key is to take thepain to tackle weak points in a way that they become your strength. Leaving any part of the syllabus untouched may land you in trouble on the day of the examination. Consult and take guidance from expert faculty at the coaching you have joined. They will be able to guide you well about how to tackle such situations.

5.      Life Will Be a Cake Walk After Cracking JEE

It’s true that a significant amount of sacrifices will be over after you crack JEE, but to prove your real potential, you will have to become the best among the rest. The competition will get tough each passing day,and as the graduation time approaches close, you will have to fight harder to get the best company as your future employer. So, make sure you work hard while working smart.                   

What To Do When You Spill Water On Your Laptop

It’s almost funny when you consider the fact that laptops, which seem like such incredibly powerful devices, are rendered completely helpless and defective after what can seem like even the smallest of liquid spills. Perhaps one day in the future we’ll have laptops that aren’t susceptible to water damage, but that time is not yet upon us.

If you’ve spilled liquid on your laptop, it might just feel like the end of the world. However, there might be a chance that you can save your device. Here’s what to do when you’ve spilled water or any other liquid on your laptop.

Immediately After The Spill: Remove Liquid As Quickly As Possible

In the immediate wake of a spill, what you do next really can make a huge difference in whether or not your device is salvageable. Turn your laptop upside down so that moisture drips away from the inside of your laptop. While your laptop is in this upside down position, dab gently at the affected area with a dry towel to try to soak up as much moisture as possible. For at least 24 hours, don’t attempt to turn your laptop on or plug it in. This time is about drying out your laptop, not testing if it works.

The Next Day: See The Professionals

Sadly, if your laptop isn’t turning on, you might be suffering from some serious water damage. For example, if your FPC and FFC connectors have been affected, you might need to replace them with new parts from a manufacturer such as Ipex. If that all sounds like Greek to you, then it’s probably time to see the professionals. If you’re under warranty, return to the store where you originally purchased your laptop. If you’re not under warranty or your device is very old, try a local repair shop.

It’s important to understand that there’s a strong possibility that your laptop may never come back from the dead or that the cost of repairs may exceed the cost of a replacement device. Going forward, be sure to always back up your files in case of events like these. You should also be a bit more careful in the future and always keep liquids at least three feet away from your device.

Avail the services of Special Guest App and Book Photographer on demand

The ones, who can play with light, turn out to be the best photographers. Every photo has its own story. Pictures not only connect you emotionally with someone, but they have the ability to speak thousands of stories at a single time.  All your smiles, sorrows and love may vanish, but the ones seized in your old pictures can never go away from your heart. So hold up your breath as we have collaborated with an extensive association of incredibly talented, skilled and professional humans who can create magic with their fingers. Book photographer today and turn your moments into memories.

Download the special guest app right from your apple store and get jaw dropping deals. Select from our unmatched category and get your favorite artists right at your home on demand.

Image result for Avail the services of Special Guest App and Book Photographer on demand

Book Photographer and get the best value for money

While you choose to book photographer from our app, you will get uncountable alternatives where we have categorized exceptional photographers from all across the world. Our massive network has engrossed into extensive connectivity so that we can extract out the best lens holders with amazing skills. Be it a wedding, birthday, office party, meeting, festive get-together or any other event; we have built our relations with every photographer who can capture all the major highlights, the candid and posed shots of all these celebrations in the best manner.

Know more about us and finalize your deal!

  • Get entertainers today– our primary aim is not only to provide you with great photographers but also to enlighten up everyone’s face with enthusiasm and smiles. We offer our customers with ultimately talented live artists such as dancers, singers, DJ’s, bands, musicians, comedians, celebrity lookalikes, impersonators, clowns, caricature artists, murder mystery hosts, cultural entertainment, body and face painters, instrumentalists, Mariachi bands, Irish Step Dancers, and much more. You can avail to enjoy the performances of any one of these artists with just a single click and can make every guest feel amused.
  • Theme based photographers- if we come back to our photographer section; we have people who have professionally worked in a specific field. Thus, every one of them is quite expert in their particular niche. Whether it’s a birthday shooting, pre wedding or wedding shots, candid capturing or anything else, you can book a photographer who has proved them the best at every phase. Connect with them, look up for their earlier works and then finalize your deal. Make your mind and get them instantly at your home with most affordable cost. Expand your connectivity with skilled artists around and get your job done in the best way.

Thus, the special guest app will never give you a single reason of disappointment. Book photographer and get in touch with us today to start a journey towards an unusual collaboration. Along with providing artists we also aim to take care of the complete event management. From fixing up your schedules to settling down the payments, we will stand beside you at every phase. So don’t waste a single minute and make your guests happy with us.

Make Big Things Happen For Your Business With These Techniques

It’s safe to say that the majority of business owners are not satisfied with mediocrity in the commercial sector. Rather, they want big things to happen for their organizations. Big things can include anything from record-breaking conversion rates to the ability to captivate audiences and win business in another country. If you want these types of big things to happen for your organization, note that there are specific techniques you can use to make your company flourish. Here are some of them:

Image result for Make Big Things Happen For Your Business With These Techniques

  1. Optimize And Expedite The Contract Management Process.

Oftentimes, business owners find the contract management process to be ridiculously tedious, boring, and/or time-consuming. If this is the case for you, it’s important to identify strategies, systems, and services you can deploy to shorten and simplify this process. Once you identify these things, you’ll be able to complete your daily operations with greater expedience and excellence. Companies such as CobbleStone Systems are pleased to provide clients with contract management tools that can help them save time with key processes such as contract drafting, custom report design, contract tracking, e-mail alerts, task schedules, document capture, workflow, check-in/check-out, and web calendaring.

  1. Enhance Your Ecommerce Efforts.

In addition to optimizing and expediting the contract management process, make sure that you enhance your eCommerce efforts. This technique is empowering because it will enable you to expand your brand’s domain of influence to the online world. Once this happens, you can share the product or service line with people across the globe. Another big benefit of optimizing your online marketing process is that doing so will enable you to communicate with your target audience in a more immediate manner. For example, using e-mail marketing services enables you to provide your clients with instant updates regarding things like the launch of a new product or a big sale that is coming up. Note that unless you or a staff member have exceptional digital skills, it’s best to hire professionals for online marketing work. Be sure to read the digital firm’s online reviews before you hire the team!

Start Making Big Things Happen!

If mediocrity in the business sector leaves something to be desired for you, it’s time to access strategies that will take you into the dimension of excellence where you want your company to reside and remain. Use the techniques outlined above to start making big things happen for your organization soon!

EaseUS Data Recovery Software: Premium Recovery Tools In A Powerful Package

Data recovery software have been getting more popularity today, due to a simple fact that people tend to lose more data every day. Due to a number of reasons, many people are frequently losing their data, which at times, can be really important. Imagine yourself losing your important presentation a day before the annual meeting of the company. Isn’t it scary? In order to settle this, data recovery software were introduced as a recovery measure.

One of the most famous and used recovery software is the EaseUS data recovery software. This software makes use of some of the most powerful tools to bring forth the best results. The features offered are one of the best in its league, and with efficient use, it can bring unrivalled productivity.

The software assists people in recovering their files using simple methods. Files, such as compressed, email, video, music and documents can easily be recovered by the software from all disks and drives, including pen drives, memory cards, MP4 players, iPod, media players, flash drives, external HDD, CD/DVDs etc. It can offer recover deleted files, which have become inaccessible due to situations like OS crash, formatted disks, corrupted disk, crashed disks, system crash, virus attacks, malware etc.

Data Remnants

The software is able to recover files due to the data remnants, which are left behind by deleted or lost files. These remnants lie in the memory, and are overwritten when some new files are created in the disk. The software recovers such remnants, and with the help of these, it is able to reconstruct the original file.

In order to perform this, the software makes use of a unique scanning procedure, consisting of two different mode, which are:

  • Quick Scan Mode

This is the faster and more flexible mode that offers results within a few minutes. It puts more emphasis on bringing results as fast as possible, due to which it quickly searches the memory for files, which had been permanently deleted from the system or from the recycle bin.

As it ends, the deep scan mode is automatically initiated and the results are displayed on the screen. The user can choose to cancel further search, and recover from the existing results if he/she wants.

  • Deep Scan Mode

The deep scan mode is the more in-depth mode, which allows the user to further access files, which were hidden or were inaccessible. It also searches for all data remnants left by lost files, and recovers all files from the beginning of time and displays them. Due to recovering a large amount of data, the scanning process is slow unlike the previous scan mode.

As the results are displayed from both the scan results, the user can choose to recover multiple files. Various additional features like the ability to preview content before even recovering the file, and the ability to import or export results is also present in the data recovery software. EaseUS partition recovery software has helped thousands of people all over the world in recovering their important files, and if you are one who hasn’t, you must surely try the software.